10 games to play with the family during the holidays

The end of the year is always approaching faster than anyone really wants. At least that means there should be plenty of time to spend with friends and family, even those who are a bit more difficult to deal with.

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The only problem is that entertaining the family can be relatively difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of games out there with multiplayer options, serving up great board games or great things to do with loved ones near and far.

ten Jackbox Party packs are sure to bring a lot of laughs

Covers for Jackbox Party Packs 6, 7 and 8.

the Jackbox Party Pack Games are definitely a fun time and a great way to keep the family entertained while on vacation. Most of them are very simple things and connect to other devices to keep the whole group having fun.

There are games where players have to doodle the person in front of them, make guesses, come up with silly ideas, or even try to solve puzzles together. They are so much fun and are sure to get a laugh.

9 Rayman Legends is here for side-scrolling co-op fun

Rayman Legends really hit a good point to reboot an old franchise and incorporate stellar multiplayer features. It quickly became a favorite among families as they explore the side-scrolling world full of colorful obstacles, enemies, and puzzles.

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The best part is that players can get in and out of the game at any time, so that difficult area or painful boss can drag the whole family out to help pass if needed.

8 Overcooked is a family favorite

Overcooked is a series of games that really take advantage of playing in groups, dividing up the tasks and trying to get through the different levels. He strongly encourages cooperation and discussion between players and is cute enough that most ages fall behind.

It has become so popular in the recent past that it consistently appears at the top of recommendation lists with rave reviews from fans. It’s fun, high speed at points, and really does wonders for bringing the family together.

seven Snipperclips is weirdly good for all ages

Cutting pliers has become a household favorite on Nintendo Switch. It’s a cute little game that strongly encourages communication, cooperation, and critical thinking from players.

In order to solve puzzles, players must layer their characters to cut out parts of each other and interact with the colorful world around them. It’s great fun for all ages, making it great for family play while on vacation.

6 Minecraft Bedrock Edition is compatible with multiple platforms

steve alex minecraft

Minecraft is the highest grossing game of all time. Even though it has never been played before, it is so popular that it has at least been heard by almost everyone. It is also multiplayer compatible for anyone with the same edition.

Bedrock Edition is even compatible with multiple platforms. Friends and families can play together on any device, making it the perfect choice for having a great time with the family while on vacation. Those who mine together stay together after all.

5 Mario Kart is always a good time

Isabelle: Mario Kart 8

Mario kart is the king of racing games. It has a number of different levels, lots of different Nintendo characters, tons of customization, and so many different settings in newer games that it can really be tweaked to suit individual preferences.

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While this might not be the best for extremely competitive families, it is a good thing for families who like to celebrate each other’s successes. It’s a good game to spend time together, especially since it can be played in split screen and the games are not very long.

4 Among Us works great on any platform

Among us

Among us took the world by storm upon its release and for good reason. The game is fun, takes a lot of thought and planning, and encourages both cunning and cooperation to play successfully.

The best part about the game, however, is that it is fully cross-platform compatible. It can be played together on any device with anyone else who has the game. It doesn’t matter which device the others are playing on, so everyone can use their preferred system.

3 Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t need more than one console

8 players on a single island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal crossing is an adorable game series full of cute characters and assets. New Horizons gives players an entire island to decorate and manage while helping nearby villagers. It also has a multiplayer feature which doesn’t require multiple switches to play together.

This makes it a perfect game to play with a group where everyone helps each other take care of their island. More experienced players can help less experienced ones with ease, and things can still be handled even if someone doesn’t like doing that particular thing. Overall, this is definitely a winner.

2 Super Smash Bros. can help resolve disagreements safely

Although there are many fighting games out there, nothing looks like Super Smash Bros. Players can pit their favorite characters from many different series against each other in epic combat across various worlds that everyone knows and loves.

What makes it exceptionally awesome as a vacation game is that it gives families the chance to safely battle disagreements. Instead of arguing or arguing very concretely, they can eliminate their aggression with each other digitally.

1 Just Dance for a more active meeting

Emojis dance in Just Dance

Following the trend of plastic tape games and the legend of Dance Revolution Dance, Just Dance is a game that allows players to stand up and actively move around while playing. It fills a niche left behind when the Wii died, taking into account the nature of the Switch’s Joycons to play in a much more efficient way than the Wii ever could.

It’s fun for more active families, or even just just as a silly board game to get people to work together after eating all that delicious food. Plus, it helps get a head start on any New Years resolutions related to weight loss.

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