5 Home Olympics for Kids



The Olympics are a great way to promote world peace as athletes from around the world come together in a show of unity, excellence and strength in body and mind. This year’s games, emerging after a year of delay due to COVID-19, will be especially inspiring!

There are so many amazing aspects of the Olympics to share with our children, from the history behind the games to watching the 16 days of competition. I have five ideas for getting your kids to have Olympic fun at home! Best of all, they can be made with items you can find around your home.

Throwing Olympic rings

Hoops, pool rings, embroidery hoops, paper plates – use any of these items for ringing fun! Use rulers, dowels or even pencils to create five stakes in the ground in the shape of the Olympic emblem. Each player has a chance to cast their five rings. Each time the Rings land around their ultimate goal, the Olympic Rings – representing the five great regions of the world – will take shape!

Relais Rac paper towel rolle

For the ultimate exercise in speed and teamwork, divide the kids up so that their running zones are even. If you have a large group, you can have relay teams compete or time a group to add an element of competitive fun. Use a paper towel roll as a witness and move from each relay runner to the next. For even more fun in the summer, use a water balloon instead of a stick!

Sidewalk Chalk Long Jump

Challenge your kids to go the distance by running and launching into a long jump, gluing their landing on two feet. Have fun keeping track of who lands where, using a different color of sidewalk chalk for each jumper.

Rhythmic gymnastics dance party

Use scarves, ribbons, streamers, whatever else you might have at home to add flair to your quirky dance moves. Add fun by doing synchronized mirror dancing, following your partner’s movements as you take turns leading.

Go for the gold!

Don’t forget to celebrate your victories! Add some art and sensory fun to your games by creating salt dough gold medals to wear at your medal ceremony at the end of the games! You can find recipes and inspirations on Pinterest.

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