A ball to celebrate the end of the residency

What could be better than dancing to mark the end of a chapter in life?

After six months of teaching in Dunedin, Michael Parmenter, University of Otago Caroline Plummer Scholar and founder of Balfolk Dunedin, hosts a Spring Equinox Folk Ball and Festival, providing the community with an opportunity to dance with live music.

The three-day event at Burns Hall, starting Friday, also includes popular social dancing, extraordinary music, with workshops and performances.

The Dunedin-born dancer and choreographer said he had “very much enjoyed” his six months rediscovering Dunedin and its dance heritage.

“I have been delighted with the enthusiasm expressed by the public for our weekly Balfolk Dunedin lessons, and I leave renewed and energized by the incredible learning opportunities I experienced during my time in Dunedin.

“This festival is my farewell gift to all the dancers in this wonderful city who have welcomed me with open arms and warm hearts.”

Featuring dance caller Parmenter and music from Folkalyptica, the Friday night event will combine popular partner dances with group bourrées, counter dances, rounds and reels and will include performances by instructors and dancers from Balfolk Dunedin.

On Saturday, there would be two at the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum and an evening social event – ​​Mazurkas at Maggies – at Morning Magpie at Lower Stuart St.

He specified that the dance would continue in Toitu on Sunday with a workshop in the morning and the afternoon Joséphine Mini-Bal.

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