A look at the crookedest tower in the world

China has unveiled the “world’s most twisted tower”. The 39-story building in Chongqing has been dubbed “Dance of Light”; its particularity mimics the aurora borealis

The building has 34 floors of offices topped by five floors of meeting rooms and other facilities. Image Courtesy: @Aedas/Twitter

Who has never seen a skyscraper so tall that their head is lost in the clouds? Now add to this a tower which is also twisted.

Architecture studio Aedas has unveiled one of the world’s most twisted towers in Chongqing, a megacity in western China.

The 180-meter high skyscraper, completed in 2022, has two double-curved facades that give the impression of a twisted building.

Located in Xingfu Square in Jiangbei District in Chongqing, the “Dance of Light” building mimics the Northern Lights.

Let’s take a look at the details of this architectural marvel.

The twists

The building, which has already entertained tons of people on social media, has 34 floors of offices topped by five floors of meeting rooms and other facilities.

According to Aedas, the building has a “twist angle” of up to 8.8 degrees per floor, which the studio claims is 1.5 times more than any other skyscraper, earning it the “towers” position. most twisted in the world”.

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The design team worked with consultant RFR to create a smooth exterior facade rather than the angular shapes seen in other twisted buildings. To achieve this, the building’s facade was made with cold-formed, double-curved glass, according to architecture and design magazine Dezeen.

A low-level block of the building contains restaurants and cafes.

The building is intended to serve as a landmark in Chongqing’s business district where each structure was inspired by stars or other celestial phenomena.

“As an open public space, the tower has every merit to be an icon of the city, in particular the prominent twist of the facade is remarkable,” said Ken Wai, Global Design Director at Aedas.

Stay minimalist

According to the official Aedas website, the vertical lines of the building highlight the minimalist structure. Thanks to the reflection and refraction of light, the building creates an amazing impression. As the day progresses, the light also changes color.

Wai explained that in order to continue the “dance of light” concept, the design team made sure to use light to make the building stand out.

“It’s a huge challenge and through the creation of two distinctive twists, a curvaceous shape is generated that allows natural light to follow the contour of the building to give character and a special signature,” he said. he declares.

Upright and Spiraling A Look at the World's Twistiest Tower

Image Courtesy: Aedas

The mullions – bars that are used between the panes of a window – have been molded to acquire the shape of semicircles that will allow natural light to follow the contours of the building.

These mullions are painted in a shiny silver PVF2 finish to allow light to reflect.

The building’s curvaceous façade offers “constantly changing perspectives around development”.

“When the sun rises, the curved facade shines and the tower becomes the building of light. When night falls, the curved facade features reflections that allude to the dancing silhouette of a ballerina,” according to the website of the studio.

Other twisted buildings

Dance of Light may be the most twisted building in the world, but it’s not the first in the world.

Officially opened in 2005, Sweden’s Turning Torso is 190 meters tall and has 54 floors. According to a report by ForbesSpanish architect Santiago Calatrava was inspired by a white marble human structure called “Twisting Torso” which led him to design the building based on the concept of sculpture.

Canada’s Absolute Towers were built and completed in 2012 by Chinese architectural firm MAD. At a height of 170 meters, the two towers house apartments on each of their oval-shaped floors.

The tallest twisted tower in the world is in Dubai. The 75-story building, called the Cayan Tower, rotates 90 degrees from base to top, report says Architect magazine.

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