A new waltz teacher in Burgdorf

Lindsey Rebecca Tellers loves to dance. Growing up in Minnesota, she took every standard dance class for little girls. However, after college she found a new interest, the ballroom. Ballroom dancing encompasses styles ranging from waltz to foxtrot to cha-cha.

“It’s a style of dance that we can do as adults, and I didn’t know that was what I was looking for,” Tellers recalled. “I fell in love with it, madly and deeply.”

After seeing others compete, she decided to pursue a professional career in dance. She knew that one day she wanted to be a mother and wouldn’t have time to be a professional dancer, a career that involves constant attention to craft. But she felt it was the perfect time and she launched herself into the professional circuit.

Courtesy photo – Lindsey dancing with her husband Luke.

“I moved to Nashville, which is sort of the mothership of champion ballroom studios,” she said.

Tellers and his partner succeeded. She traveled all over the country competing as a professional, securing a prom dress sponsor along the way. Storytellers competed as well as amateur students in his studio. Her life was ballroom dancing.

This lifestyle lasted nearly a decade for Tellers, but it got to the point where she decided that chapter of her life was over. She returned home to Minnesota.

In Minnesota, Tellers had a dance following, as she had built a reputation as a dancer. She held regular dance classes for children and adults, and her students competed.

Tellers credits her mother’s move to Colorado as the reason she and her husband Luke came here four years ago. She wanted to raise her children with Grandma around. Lindsey and Luke now have three children under five, Langston James (LJ), London and Lathan.

When Tellers heard about the Berthoud Activity Room opening and saw photos on their Facebook page, she knew it was the perfect place to hold dance lessons and she was ready to s dive back into it.

“Space shouted, please hold ballroom dancing lessons here!” says Tellers.

She recently finished teaching a swing dance class for five weeks at the Burgdorf Activity Hall. The plan is to add more classes in the future, including Swing II for those who want to continue their learning.

The benefits of dancing are many. Studies have shown that ballroom dancing is good for the brain and the body. It’s also a positive way to connect with your partner.

“I love that dance is a non-verbal language,” Tellers said. “To have that push and that pull, and that little bit of connectedness that’s completely non-verbal, it can really connect people. It’s two souls talking without talking to each other.

The best way to connect with Tellers is through her Facebook page called Ballroom Dance with Lindsey Rebecca, call her directly at (612) 940-9546 or email [email protected].

Her classes are open to all adults who wish to learn to dance. from couples who want to waltz at their wedding to retired couples looking to add a little spark to their relationship.

“It’s never too late to start ballroom dancing,” Tellers said. “Never.”

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