After a difficult year, the orphanage took a cruise



After a year of isolation, the children of the Beit Chaya orphanage in Moscow were treated to a cruise and an end-of-year party on a luxury yacht on the Moskva River. Rabbi Director Menachem Gol called the rescue institution. Full story, photos


An exceptionally difficult year has ended at the Moscow Jewish Children’s Home and Orphanage, leading the institution’s directors to turn the annual graduation ceremony into an exciting and festive event.

The “Beit Chaya” Home and Orphanage is a life-saving project located in central Moscow that serves Jewish toddlers, children and adolescents from neglectful and abusive backgrounds – including orphans and high-income children. risk – from all of Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

“During his 20 years of activity,” says Rabbi Menachem Gol, director of the institution for 15 years, “Beit Chaya has succeeded in literally saving the lives of thousands of Jewish children whose situation would have completely escalated without their care. The love, care and care provided by our dedicated staff has enabled our graduates to live meaningful, independent and healthy lives, and to build families and a strong connection to their Jewish heritage.

“Each year is a challenge,” Rabbi Gol adds, “but after a year of isolation on the institution’s campus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to give children more than a ordinary ceremony, just look at their faces, there is nothing more to say.

The graduation ceremony, marking the end of the school year and celebrating the graduation of ten children, began in the “Beit Chaya” dining hall with a festive meal, musical entertainment, special video clip produced by graduates, speeches and presentation of awards of excellence over the past year.

Then the children were treated to a special cruise and a party on a luxury yacht on the Moskva River. They enjoyed the amazing scenery, energetic dancing, unique refreshments, and social play in which each child expressed gratitude and friendship.


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