Amelia Hamlin broke up with Scott Disick and her mom is overjoyed

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You might have seen Lisa Rinna do a happy dance on her Instagram and knew exactly what it was about, or you just thought she was showing the world that she could still cut a rug.

But the story is, Rinna was happy that her youngest daughter, Amelia, ended her relationship with Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend.

Kourtney and Scott have a long history and three kids together, which you would know all about if you were a Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan.

While some may think it is insensitive for a mother to dance like it’s the happiest day of her life following the end of a relationship with her daughter, I am fully in the Rinna team. right now.

First, her daughter, Amelia, is only 20 years old. She started dating Disick (who is 38) in October 2020, so that means it adult man with three kids dating literal teenager. Let it flow.

Second, he seems to be a master when it comes to stirring the pot. Much of the drama surrounding it appears to be self-induced.

Example: The breakup appeared to come after Disick messaged another Kourtney ex-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima., after seeing a message from Kourtney and her current boyfriend, Travis Barker, come closer and get comfortable with the caption, “” Yo is that chick okay! ???? Broooo like what is that. In the middle of Italy ”, referring to the photo.

To which Younes replied – as any reasonably mature man would – “I don’t care as long as she’s happy.” PS I am not your brother.

Look, Scott, the fact that you’re still so wrapped up in your ex and her love life doesn’t really make your current girlfriend feel like she’s the number one woman in your life. It’s eye-opening behavior that says a lot about the state of your heart and head, and ten in ten women would feel embarrassed, upset, and be able to see through your shady behavior. Go put that energy in your children. You had your luck with Kourtney. It’s moved on and you should try it someday. Surely you must have something better to do than harass her on social media and slam her in private messages to her ex-boyfriend who literally doesn’t care what she does. as long as she is happy.

It’s called being an adult.

Amelia is said to have posted the best answer ever on Instagram. According to People, she was wearing a tank top that read, “You don’t have a girlfriend.”

She then posted a quote in her Instagram Stories that read, “Never settle for less. Not with your work, your friends, and especially not with your heart. Keep looking for what you are looking for and don’t shrink for the sake of others. You deserve the best. “

Amelia added “This is it” at the top of the quote which was basically (hopefully) saying, she’s had enough and is willing to leave it all in the rearview mirror.

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A source told People magazine that Scott’s message to Younes was part of the reason for the split, and the other part was “Scott being Scott”.

Yes, Amelia is probably heartbroken right now and going through all feelings. Grieving over a breakup (even if you wanted to) is not easy and deserves compassion.

However, Amelia will be fine. She absolutely dodged a bullet in ending this relationship because she’s right – you should never settle down or put up with any bullshit in your life that you don’t want to. At 20, she is already wise beyond her years and shows herself that she deserves better instead of staying in a relationship that doesn’t serve her. (Not to mention when she’s 30 and Scott is 48, she’ll be on her knees to thank the angels above for ditching her ass.)

She is so young, incredibly gorgeous, and literally has the whole world at her feet. At twenty, there aren’t many people ready to be attached, let alone attached to someone who has so much chaos around their life.

Her mother, Lisa, always expressed somewhat of how she wanted her daughter to be happy, but Scott was never her first choice. In fact, we all know who her first choice is for her youngest daughter (that’s Harry Styles) after announcing her show, Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, earlier this year.

Maybe Lisa will make her wish come true and Harry Styles will come knocking on Amelia’s door. However, in the meantime (and in the long run), Amelia is going to be Following that okay. And yes, this separation deserves a happy fucking dance. Mothers always know better.

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