America’s Got Talent Episode 7 Recap: July 13 Show [AGT LIVE BLOG]



Season 16 of “America’s Got Talent” continues on July 13 with further initial auditions showcasing the best (and worst) of the first leg of the competition. In this phase of “AGT”, an act needs at least three of the four judges (Simon cowell, Heidi klum, Howie mandel and Sofia vergara ) to give them a “yes” to move on to the next round. If two or more judges sound the act, he is immediately eliminated. Each judge, as well as the host Terry’s crews, had a chance to hit the ‘golden buzzer’ and send an act straight to the live performances, but last week the four judges and Terry broke the tradition by giving the band the group’s very first golden buzzer. 9 year old singer Victory brinker.

In week five, Heidi made her pick for the quick-change artist Lea Kyle, the first of this discipline to receive the golden buzzer. Lea impressed Heidi and the rest of the judges by showing them aspects of the art that they had never seen before and doing it so seamlessly.

The week before, Sofia played a dirty trick on Jimmie herrod by refusing to receive a standing ovation with the other judges after his interpretation of “Tomorrow” on fire. But after teasing that she didn’t “like” her performance, she admitted that she “loved” her and gave it her golden buzzer.

Prior to that, Terry demonstrated his support for World Taekwondo by throwing them its golden buzzer after their exciting showcase of the form of martial art. The large group were supposed to perform at the 2020 Summer Olympics, so Terry’s decision to send them to live shows was a bittersweet gold medal moment.

Previously, Simon sent songbird Night Bird straight to concerts after performing an original song tonight called “It’s Okay”, with lyrics about the last year of her life. In the song, she offered support to herself and others who are struggling, just like she does with cancer, which comes from within.

Howie was inspired to hit his golden buzzer in the Season 16 premiere by the performance of the Northwell Nursing Choir, a group of 18 nurses from New York who worked on the front lines during the pandemic. As a choir, their mission is to “draw joy and love” to help people “find their resilience”. For their audition, they sang a mix of “Lean on Me” and “Stand by Me” which included elements of vocals, beat-boxing and light rap.

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The format is the same this year as it was last year, with “America’s Got Talent” initially airing only on Tuesdays with those first seven weeks dedicated to auditions taking place across the country. Then there will be four weeks of Judge Cuts starting in July, followed by the series of live shows and episodes of results.

Below, follow the recap of all the action from Episode 7 of Season 16 of “America’s Got Talent” in our minute-by-minute blog.

8:03 p.m. – The first audition of the evening was that of the father and the 11-year-old son London temple, representatives of their martial arts school in the United Kingdom. Rather than just performing combat moves, the duo created a full storyline as a performance and showcased their discipline, timing, balance, and strength through a wide variety of moves. Sofia called their passion and timing “perfection” and Heidi called the routine amazing never to get boring. It reminded Simon of his own son and was delighted to join the rest of the panel with four consecutive “yes” votes to move on.

8:11 p.m. – The Hiplet ballet flats came to the show to show that ballet is not a sport that has to be so restrictive in terms of body types and who can participate. The five young women in the group were prompted by Simon to say that he rarely spends a minute in a ballet performance because he thinks it’s boring, but tonight they put him on stage with the song. of the Pussycat Dolls “React” and kept him awake. Heidi said she was mesmerized by the way they brought hip hop and ballet together with new dances and the incorporation of being on point. Overall, the entire panel of judges were impressed with their unexpected creativity and combined for another round of four “yes” votes.

8:21 p.m. – The next one was a passionate dreamer sweet sassy molassie who says she always dreamed of being an artist. Sadly, her rock star ice skating got four X votes from the judges in less than a minute. Mailman Antoine the molar man then tried playing songs with the touch of his fingers on his teeth, but also disgusted the judges at all X votes. When Pestle Arriving on stage dressed as chicken, the judges weren’t ready to be impressed with his drum solo, and although it took longer for them all to hit their Xs, they still did.

8:31 p.m. – Singer Sarah potenza then came for his opportunity to show that his POV of being “too much” can always lead to success. Her song choice “Worthy”, about “The Magic of Being Yourself”, was the perfect vessel for her powerful voice. Simon said she “killed” him and Howie said she did the song’s lyrics justice. Sofia wanted to know why she waited so long to come to the show, but noted that it was the perfect time for her to be there. Obviously, the judges were okay with giving her “yes” votes and so she would sing again in the next round.

8:42 p.m.Grandpa and Maeve have tap-danced together to the tune of the judges who are loved, but Howie explains that they’re not quite ready for a talent show as big as AGT. With Howie seemingly on the verge of hitting his X and knowing that he had also eliminated their mother and brother six years before, Michel and Angeline were nervous to play for him. Luckily, they pulled off their high energy ballroom dance number without an X and instead a series of “wow” exclamations from a standing Howie. Heidi explained that they had done so many cute little things and it was a lot of fun.

8:54 p.m. – The next performer was an Italian acrobat Davide Zongoli. Tonight he used a swinging pole to show off his flexibility, strength and balance, partly blindfolded. Simon admitted that it was a difficult act, but that he was bored. Howie agreed it had all gone too slowly, agreeing with their two “no” votes that he shouldn’t do the next round.

8:57 p.m. – Davide was followed by Ehrlich, knowing how difficult it would be to convince Simon. With a plan to represent his country of the Philippines, Ehrlich as an illusionist dancer using batons in a way that felt like he was controlling them in the air with his hands and mind. Sofia called it “beautiful and flawless” as something different from anything she has ever seen. Howie and Heidi agreed that this was an art form they had never seen on the show and Simon said that because he had the courage to act, it said a lot about his talent. It became the consensus that it was a total package deserving four “yes” votes.

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9:06 p.m. – Father and daughter Gene and Isabelle thought they could win a dancing duo and with four “yes” votes it seemed the judges were okay with their cuteness. A married couple The owl and the kitty wanted to be on a big stage and the judges loved their trapeze audition. Hello sister, a trio of sisters from Orlando, were the next family group to take the stage with their own song “Middle Schooler”. Playing their own guitars and drums, Howie and Heidi thought they didn’t sound as good as they looked, but Simon championed them as genuine performers who don’t rely on autotune and Sofia the joined. In the end, the split decision was broken up by Howie and Heidi who gave in to the boos from the audience and decided to give them another chance to improve.

9:19 p.m. – 62 years old Michael winslow, a vocalist, was called a “legend” by Terry prior to his audition due to his acting roles in “Space Balls”, the “Police Academy” and “Gremlins” films. The judges recognized him as soon as he took the stage for what was a comedy that showed his unique ability to make noises and vocals so well. The judges called him unbelievable and unbelievable before joining him in giving him four “yes” votes, which Simon believed Michael could be a legend playing against rookies this season to set the standard for performance.

9:31 p.m. – French mentalist Kevin Micoud came to AGT to show her daughters to never give up and always be who you want to be. For his act, he performed a “Spirit Transmission” from Terry to the judges. He first asked Sofia and Heidi to select photos of former AGT finalists and put them under their cups. He then had Terry sit on stage with his eyes closed while you used a light projection tool to show how he pulled information out of their mind and put it into Terry’s mind. At the end, he asked Terry to write down the names of the acts he thought were under the cups and of course he correctly wrote Kodi Lee and Shin Lim. He also revealed that he had already placed a photo of himself holding the photos of Kofi and Shin even before Heidi and Sofia had selected the photos. The judges were very impressed and noted that they needed “one of those brain things” this season. Simon called it “sensational” and called it “a Vegas act” that they had no choice but to give four votes to make it into the next round.

9:40 p.m. – Contortionist Kyle arrived on stage in his dragster character Scarlett Company to show his talent. During his audition, he synchronized the lips like a drag queen would, but enhanced the performance with balancing tricks that showed how his body can move in various unexpected ways. The strength of the body and the value of the entertainment was so high that the judges had no choice but to back with a blank list of “yes” votes based on her fun compared to other acts like this. .

21:51Ray singleton from North Carolina decided to sing a love song dedicated to his wife as his audition. He explained that she was a veteran and a brain cancer survivor, and her singing had helped her through the many difficult times in their lives together. The ballad, to which he accompanied the playing of the keyboard, awakened the judges with “the commitment, the sense of love and warmth”, as described by Howie. Sofia said everyone would fall in love with them and Simon agreed that their love for each other would be contagious to the public. Across the panel, they were happy to give it four firm “yes” votes to send it to the second round of performances.


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