Anton Du Beke and Ann Widdecombe once hoped to star in their own sitcom and people are coming up with ideas


And now, in today’s edition of News We Never Thought Wed Write, Anton Du Beke and Ann Widdecombe were apparently hoping to have their own sitcom.

The couple became friends after being paired up on Strictly Come Dancing in 2010, drawing attention to their less-than-stellar routines.

While viewers enjoyed watching the former Tory MP being desperately dragged across the dance floor dressed as a giant canary, their popularity on the BBC show apparently led them to try and commission a sitcom.

Comedian Paul Kerensa, whose credits include writing for Miranda and Not Going Out, surprisingly claimed he was approached to write the comedy.


Anton Du Beke and Ann Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing in 2010

In a Lunchlift Live Facebook feed (via British Comedy Guide), Paul claimed to have met Ann in 2013 after appearing on the BBC chat show Are You Have A Laugh? – Comedy and Christianity, when she then told him about her idea.

“I thought, ‘Really? “Ann Widdecombe? A series? ”He admitted.

” She said yes. With Anton … could you put some ideas together, see if we can present them? ‘ “

A meeting was called where Paul started to put some ideas in writing “like Ann Widdecombe and Anton Du Beke share an apartment – Here are some of the adventures they can have”.

He created writing samples and “a few pages of the pitch” and Ann and Anton’s agents at the time apparently asked him “to go write a half hour episode and then you can do it. bring to a production company ”.

Paul claimed that one of their agents wanted him to write the script and then present it on their behalf.

“They left it like ‘well, here’s what’s going to happen. You’re gonna go do the job and let us know when it’s ready to shoot ‘… So you know what? I didn’t do it, I didn’t do any work, ”he admitted.

He added that he would rather be “the guy who saves the world from the sitcom Widdecombe”.

“Even Ann would agree, she’s probably not Rowan Atkinson,” he said. “Yeah, she can dance funny, her and Anton, that’s a double number to be reckoned with … Maybe they’re developing elsewhere.” Maybe they got another writer to do it for them.

Needless to say, the revelation left people with a lot of thoughts online …

HuffPost UK has contacted representatives for Anton Du Beke and Ann Widdecombe and is awaiting responses.

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