Artem Chigvintsev announces his exit from the ‘DWTS’ tour for health reasons

“Dancing with the Stars” Professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev appears to be having unforeseen health issues, which would prevent him from being part of the “DWTS” tour.

Chigvintsev went to Instagram to reveal his intentions to his fans in a drafted message. He wrote:

“Hi DWTS family, my time on tour so far has been wonderful – unfortunately I have to be away from our tour for a while due to unexpected health issues.”

He added that his main goal was to improve as soon as possible to reunite with his touring cast and crew. The post ended with gratitude for the patience and understanding of his “DWTS” family, with the hope of seeing them again soon.

Over 52,000 people have liked the post. More than a thousand people took to the comments section, including his DWTS family and fiancée Nikki Bella, to share healing messages and wish the choreographer well.

Artem Chigvintsev’s ex-partner talks about returning to DWTS tour

In December, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Chigvintsev’s former dance partner, expressed how good it was to be back on the dance floor. She revealed it during a conversation with HEY at “The DWTS: live! Tower,” during which Chigvintsev was present.

It hadn’t been a bed of roses for the dancer to come out on, but she still felt aroused. Bristowe admitted it wasn’t like riding a bike, which she eventually learned.

When she first joined the show, the dancer said she thought she would be okay with winning the disco ball and then putting her dancing shoes away.

But after winning, Bristowe still wants to continue being part of DWTS and is happy when she is called back to tour.

As a competitive person, Chigvintsev’s ex-partner was quite eager for the challenge of dancing with last season’s winners Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach.


Russian-American choreographer’s fiancée reveals details about their relationship

In an episode of “Bella’s Podcast” Nikki Bella, Chigvintsev’s fiancée, opened up about how difficult it has been for the couple lately due to their long-distance relationship.

As reported by The Blast, Nikki did an episode with her sister Brie Bella earlier in November, in which she opened up about her relationship with Chigvintsev.

She revealed that this period was the longest they had gone without seeing each other since the pandemic.

They both have pretty busy careers; she is the judge “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” and him working on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The ex-wrestler also opened up about his efforts to co-parent their son Matteo while his father was away.

Nikki had to manage her anxiety in addition to feeling the pressure of managing her life, her son, the family and their new home. This made his relationship with Chigvintsev a bit strained.

She further claimed that being born in different countries has a negative effect on their relationship as she is American while her fiancé was born in Russia.

Even so, all seems to be going well with the couple currently, which the 38-year-old admitted. They’re both in a better place because they’re “stronger than ever,” all thanks to FaceTime and therapy.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev at the 9th Annual Charity Poker and Casino Night

The award-winning dancer’s wedding has yet to be set

In a previous post from The Blast, Nikki and her twin sister had an interview with ET during which they talked about their podcast plans and Nikki’s wedding.

It is not news that the former athlete and Chigvintsev have made plans for their wedding. However, she revealed in the interview that the wedding date has yet to be decided.

The couple originally wanted the ceremony to take place on Thanksgiving Day, but unfortunately the pandemic ruined their plans.

The marriage is currently on hold due to the distance from her fiancé’s parents’ location in Russia. Nikki wanted her parents to be present, so they would have to wait until they could both leave Russia.

Despite minor setbacks, their love for each other hasn’t faded as the mother-of-one can’t wait to walk down Chigvintsev’s aisle.

His precise words were, “I really want to get married. I mean, selfishly, I just want to have this, like, a big day about me.

The podcaster added that not only can’t she wait for the moment, but she can’t wait to wear her wedding dress.

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