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Coronado Golf and Recreation Services’ Heart2Art Dance (H2A) program hosts auditions for their award-winning competitive dance teams. Dancers aged five to seventeen are invited to come and show what they can do on Tuesday August 17th at the Coronado Community Center. This is an opportunity for your child to get involved in a group of dedicated dancers who love to express themselves through this art form. H2A is hip-hop focused, but touches on a variety of techniques, such as jazz, lyrical and contemporary dance styles.

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The H2A program is looking for people interested in increasing their dance skills. Throughout the 2021/22 school year, members of the H2A Dance team will perform at local events and compete in Southern California competitions. H2A dance teams are known for their precision and style for which they have won “Stand Out”, “Platinum”, “Performance”, “Squad Goal” and “Entertainment” awards.

Each H2A instructor has a lifetime of dance experience that serves as the inspiration for the choreography and coaching of each of their team’s performance pieces. Rehearsals vary from once a week (an hour and a half in total) for Minis, ages 5 to 8; once a week (two hours in total) for juniors, aged 9 to 11; and twice a week (two and a half hours in total) for adolescents aged 12 to 15 and seniors aged 15 to 18.

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Interested in joining H2A? Register for Tuesday August 17the audition today. This August 17th hearing is a great opportunity for your child to be a part of something they can be proud of. To register for the online auditions, go to

Not ready for a team? Beginner dancers should check out the Hip Hop, Jazz, Break, Shake and Groove, and Twirl Spin and Jump classes also offered at the community center this fall. For more information on any of the H2A dance programs, contact Coronado Recreation and Golf Services at 619-522-7342.

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