BBC Strictly Come Dancing star issues lengthy statement after backlash over ‘pro Putin’ remarks

Former BBC Strictly Come Dancing star Kristina Rihanoff has come under fire from social media users. The ex-Strictly fave has been slammed by fans for an ‘insensitive’ tweet which they call ‘pro Putin’.

Kristina, 44, from Russia, posted a photo of a cartoon criticizing Western leaders. She wrote: “I don’t even have to say anything – pure genius.

The cartoon showed models of Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau with blood on their hands. A speech bubble reads: ‘Russia is bad.’

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They are standing on a pile of corpses. Twitter user Ruth Elms fired back: “Wow, you are overwhelmingly Russian in that statement. Ukraine does not benefit. Ukraine and Russia are not one country. If Russia lays down arms, the war is over, but if she lays down her arms, she loses… Russia started this. You have a public platform, you can literally help!”

“If you don’t like democracy, you can always go home where people are free to say what they want,” said Darren Morgan. Eve said: “My child is enrolled in one of your upcoming workshops. But your previous tweets referencing the invasion but not condemning the actions of the Russian government make me deeply uneasy.”

Kristina Rihanoff later tweeted to clarify that she ‘didn’t support war or Putin’ with the Tweets

In a statement she posted on social media, Kristina wrote: “I laughed at Sky’s Eurovision tweet. I thought there was much more important news that day than Eurovision. C is in any form that I was supporting what is happening at the moment between Russia and Ukraine It is absolutely devastating for someone like me who is a grandfather from Ukraine and I gave the Ukrainian name to my daughter – Milena.”

Kristina’s statement continued: “My best friend is also from Ukraine. I grew up knowing that we were one nation and one country. I’m not into politics and I hate politicians because THEY ALL LIE Seeing the news breaks my heart as I have Russian friends who live in UKRAINE and vice versa.

“What is horrifying is that there are victims on both sides and on both sides, mums and dads will mourn for their lost loved ones. The fact is that this should never have happened, didn’t should never have happened. The leaders of the country should have found the long time ago to settle this peacefully, but they did not because war is a profitable business and unfortunately someone is making a profit from it. I do not support not Putin, war, invasion, lost lives and politics. I hate it as much as a human being can do. If I offended anyone, it was not my intention and I am deeply sorry.

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