BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s Russian pros told to ‘doom the war or never come back’ by their co-stars

The professional dancers of Strictly Come Dancing were reportedly told to condemn Russia and Vladimir Putin, or “never return” to the BBC show.

Russian professional dancers Katya Jones and Luba Mushtuk have reportedly been urged by their fellow ballroom dancers to speak out against the horrific invasion of Ukraine or risk being fired.

The two dancers, both 32, have so far remained silent on the issue on social media, leaving their co-stars to wonder if it’s appropriate to keep Katya and Luba on the show, as the story goes. The Sun.

The post hints that there might be a rift between the rest of the Strictly dancers, as Nikita Kuzmin and Nadiya Bychkova are from Ukraine and have family in the war-torn country.

Luba faces backlash for not speaking

Kyiv-born Nikita, 24, shared his relief with his social media followers after revealing he had reunited with his elderly grandmother who fled Ukraine after the invasion.

Katya and Luba are asked to end their silence on Vladimir Putin’s actions, as some dancers allegedly told patrons they didn’t want them back on the show.

A source told The Sun: “Some of the professionals think it’s in bad taste to have them on the show.

Other Strictly pros aren't happy
Other Strictly pros aren’t happy

“It has been discussed among a group of them and they fear it will affect the program and cause a backlash.

“Because they’re on the biggest TV show, they’re already open to criticism and they’re worried it’s going to cause controversy.

“Other parts of the industry are avoiding the Russians and it has been suggested that Strictly do the same.

“There is a feeling that it would not be appropriate for them to return.”

The insider added: “They did nothing wrong and were gutted by the scenes in Ukraine at the hands of their homeland.

“Some think they shouldn’t be punished for something that’s totally out of their control.”

It comes just days after former Strictly pro James Jordan slammed the show’s Russian pros for not standing up for Ukraine.

“I don’t see many Russian dancers that I know and I even shared the Strictly dance floor with them [sic] talk openly about the war against Ukraine. Corn [they] still promoting them on social media – very disappointed,” he posted on Twitter.

“They know who they are – not 1 message about it,” he fired.

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