Brazilian stripper’s dance clip interrupts public hearing in President Pedro Castillo’s corruption probe

The video of a Brazilian stripper emerged during an online hearing into the corruption of the Peruvian president. (Photo: Twitter/@IFENG__official)

Lima: A bizarre incident has occurred during a virtual public hearing into Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s corruption investigation. On Wednesday, a video of a dancing Brazilian stripper interrupted the hearing.
Images of stripper Ricardo Milos appeared on screen as prosecutor Samuel Rojas presented his case against Castillo. The clip of the incident quickly went viral on social media platforms.

According to Reuters, the video of the stripper appeared via the user account of Benji Espinosa, a member of Castillo’s defense team. After the video aired, the hearing was adjourned for a brief period. However, Espinosa denied his involvement in playing the video during the hearing, saying he had been the victim of a “computer crime”.

“The video appeared abruptly, giving the impression that it came from my account, which I reject,” the lawyer told the news agency. Espinosa further added that he was filing a complaint with the judge. Notably, the Judiciary TV channel was publicly broadcasting the hearing when the clip appeared.

Currently, Peru’s Supreme Court is considering a request to investigate the president into whether he led a corruption plot involving his former Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva. Last month, Peru’s attorney general’s office also announced it was opening a criminal investigation into Castillo.

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