‘Bridgerton’ star Simone Ashley kicked out of drama school for failing dance

Whether Bridgerton were a modern reality series, it could be a cross between Gossip Girl and Dancing with the stars (with lots of extra skin added).

The Netflix hit has seasons three and four in its future, according to Esquire, even though there have only been two seasons aired. There are eight books of source material in all.

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Fans love the juxtaposition of a period piece with modern music in a classic style, resulting in a well-choreographed dance. While the casting makes it look easy, hours and hours of preparation went into each dance.

One for an actor, playing a role that relies on dancing was particularly appropriate.

Simone Ashley’s Ballroom Dance Moves Exposed

Simone Ashley burst onto the Bridgerton scene in Season 2, playing Kate Sharma as a love interest for Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony Bridgerton, the family’s eldest brother and 9th Viscount, in line to inherit his father’s fortune.

His role on Bridgerton almost did not happen.

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Ashley said in a behind the scenes interview with Shondaland:

“I used to be really scared to dance. I got kicked out of drama school for failing a dance class and never really danced again. Jack [Murphy, choreographer] raised me to gain my self-esteem and confidence.

Murphy calls Ashley “beautiful” and “sophisticated” in her moves. He can tell that Bailey has real chemistry with her, and it shows on screen.

We don’t know why she failed dance class, but she clearly excels in ballroom and traditional dances featured in Bridgerton.

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Simone Ashley went to the same acting school as Kate Winslet

Despite being 20 years her junior, Ashley attended the same acting school as actress Kate Winslet, according to The Daily Mail.

Ashley’s former principal and co-director of the Redroofs School for the Performing Arts, Samantha Keston, told the publication that the two actors had a “burning passion” for acting. Winslet has enjoyed huge success over her 25-year career, being nominated for seven Oscars and one win (as of 2022), according to IMDb.

Will Ashley’s success be imminent? She was nominated for the Hollywood Critics Association Television Awards in 2022 for her role in Bridgerton. The starlet also won an IMDb STARmeter Award for Breakout Star the same year.

Whether BridgertonThe success of is any indication the Ashley star has nowhere to go but up. He has been nominated for several Primetime Emmy Awards.

Simone Ashley needed those dance skills

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From their first dance at “Dancing on My Own” to their last with “Wrecking Ball,” Ashley needed her dancing skills.

Looking at the scenes in the larger context of the characters, their first dance as a couple was extremely ironic. Kate’s younger sister forced her to dance to make her and Anthony friends before her nuptials to Anthony. But Edwina may have a prince in her future, thanks to a hint from Queen Charlotte.

Will fans be able to see more of Ashley’s dancing in Season 3? She and her husband will surely organize more balls so that we can hear more classic covers of modern songs.

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