Check out Derek and Julianne Hough Gush about the co-stars of the new ABC special

Derek saved most of his squirting to Baz Luhrmannthe legendary director of Red Mill!.

“One of his first films was [1992’s] Strictly Ballroom,” Derek told E! News. “It was all about ballroom dancing. It was probably the only movie in the universe about ballroom dancing and that’s where it started. And of course, Moulin Rouge!, which we are also going to do for the special.”

However, in the presence of so many legends, it was a certain social media influencer who came to mind when Derek and Julianne were asked who surprised them the most.

“For me personally, I think of Charli D’Amelio,” Derek said. “She’s a huge TikTok star and she’s taking the world by storm with social media. People know her for the TikTok dances, but it’s different, right? It’s, like, it’s like dirty dance. I taught him salsa, ballroom dancing, basically. And we spent very little time together. But she was so dedicated.”

Julianne echoed the praise of the 17-year-old influencer, who took on the role of Baby from dirty dance.

“When we got her on set, it was like, ‘Oh, she’s still a kid.’ You know, we are these old people here!” Julianne joked with E! News. “You could see that growth. She was really Baby, where she was kind of learning, a little shy and a little nervous. And then all of a sudden, just… Bam, it came to life.”

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