Closure of IDL Ballroom, Enso & The Unicorn Club after August 14


The IDL Ballroom, Unicorn Club and Enso, all connected at the corner of 1st and Detroit, will close after August 14th.

Angie Green and her husband, Tom Green, have owned IDL Quad Group for 13 years. They told News On 6 that they were proud to have bounced back from the pandemic and have been doing well in recent months until one heartbreaking news.

“When people can come in and buy your building and then get started,” Green said.

Green said after new owners took over the property in February, she hoped they could negotiate an extension of their lease beyond August. She said reality had struck over the past few weeks, after her lawyer told her it would not happen.

She said around 30 people will need to find work elsewhere and more than 15 events will need to find another location.

“We had such a great story with our previous landlord of always paying the rent on time, always taking care of things,” Green said.

Lukas Vodicka is the director of Inheritance Juicery, which purchased the building that houses the three entertainment venues.

Vodicka, who is also a property manager, told News On 6 that the new owners paid the asking price in private negotiations.

“We didn’t outbid anyone,” Vodicka said. “We did not go into this business with the intention of forcing someone out of business. We were actually approached by the previous owner, who contacted us.”

Vodicka also said the property made it clear it was not going to renew the lease, offered to buy back IDL Group from its lease earlier and even waived the last three months of rent.

So what’s the next step with ownership?

“We are very open and we are thinking about many different ideas. Whether it is to play in the arts in Tulsa, to play in education and awareness,” Vodicka said.

You can read Inheritance Juicery’s full statement here.

Green said she was preparing severance pay for the employees.

She also said those who have booked events will get their money back and get help finding other options.

You can read the full IDL Quad Group statement below.

After 13 years in business, entertainment group IDL Quad Group and their respective venues, IDL Ballroom, The Unicorn Club (formerly known as Electric Circus 2010-2017) and Enso will be closing their doors for good after the final evening of business Saturday. , August 14, 2021. The new owners purchased the building that houses the trio of sites in the spring of 2021 and paid a hefty price, $ 4.71 million, which far exceeded the property’s market value, making it the likelihood that IDL Quad Group possibility of purchasing the building first an impossibility. In a shocking revelation, the representative of the new owners informed the owners, Angie and Tom Green, that the new owners of the building do not intend to renew the lease on the next semi-annual renewal date of August 31, 2021 and that ‘instead they had plans for renovations and plans to open a new business related to their new juice next door.

“It’s hard to believe – a total punch – the realization that after 13 years of a thriving and successful business that has been a pioneer of downtown nightlife, coupled with the fact that we’ve been through over 3 months of COVID lockdowns last year and survived the shutdown followed by additional months of capacity restrictions to reopen, as it all comes to an end. It’s really heartbreaking to go through this closure after we fought so hard to survive the 2020 lockdowns, while paying / keeping our full rent, all obligations and utilities up to date, while paying salaries and keeping up to date. providing food and provisions for our staff so that they can also stay afloat during these precarious months of lockdowns and restrictions, we are all fighting to survive as frontline workers, and now everything must end without our fault because we were confronted with the non-renewal of our lease by new owners whom we never even met.

Following Covid’s bar and restaurant closures last year, when bars were allowed to reopen in June 2020, IDL Ballroom participated in the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture’s benevolent program to support local musicians. called Play Tulsa Music, hold weekly concerts until the end of December so that local musicians can be paid generously after being barred from performing for months due to blockages, as well as hosting a series of shows sold-out tribute in 2021 which brought musicians from all walks of life to perform with them in themed concerts which were a huge success and gave hope for the future to all participating Tulsa musicians.

So there are now around seven fleeting weeks left for fans and customers of The Unicorn Club, Enso and IDL Ballroom to go out, have fun, dance and attend concerts until the doors close on August 15, 2021. Great concerts, events and farewell shows are scheduled after Independence Day until the last night of business, including the annual nude art show, as well as the popular Latin Night dance parties, a Subsonix EDM farewell show, concerts from local bands and a huge DEB show Farewell Blowout Concerts on July 24. We encourage everyone to go out and celebrate our last 13 years and think about what lies ahead for the Greens in the future, the couple who do is no stranger to reinventing itself.

Private events, weddings and corporate parties planned after closing are contacted privately and IDL Quad Group is in the process of refunding deposits to these customers.

In the end, we want to thank you for 13 wonderful years. We’ve been fortunate to host so many weddings, concerts, corporate / private parties, and special events like our annual Crystal Ball: New Years Masquerade and Spider Ball Halloween party. We have organized countless concerts and created so many beautiful memories and friendships over these years. And while it will be hard to leave our legacy and hard work behind, it has been amazing to watch downtown Tulsa grow and change over the years. We are happy to have our little moment in the history of Tulsa. Thank you to everyone who has walked through our doors and supported our local family business all these years.

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