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Doug Ross Times Correspondent

July 4th turns this year into another kind of Independence Day. Residents of the Region are celebrating the release of more than a year of isolation linked to COVID-19.

Follow Tristan DeFord and his team of senior paramedics this Sunday.

Interdependence is celebrated.

“Today alone, I received more hugs than in ages,” said Mary Joan Dickson, secretary of the nonprofit Cedar Lake Summerfest and an avowed individual.

The Highland celebration, which started on Wednesday evening, is a big success.

“We filled a void last night,” said Councilor Mark Herak, D-2nd. “People are locked up for how many nights, and now they’re going out.”

Long-delayed celebrations are not without food for thought.

“Sometimes I would see guys and I would say, ‘How are your mom and dad doing? “Herak said, only to hear,” Oh, they’ve passed. “

Summerfest is a big reunion for Cedar Lake, said Dickson, an annual opportunity to come together as a community.

Portage Mayor Sue Lynch is equally excited to see people in public again.

“I think the city is ready to start celebrating again. I think it’s the icebreaker. People are starting to feel more comfortable, ”Lynch said.


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