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Credit cards Credit cards, also known as prepaid credit cards, have a clear advantage over their brothers, the normal credit cards: they are free of Schufa. This means that when the credit card company applies for a credit card, no Schufa information is obtained, which is particularly useful for people who fear that their financially difficult situation, which is also noted in the Schufa, means that they do not have sufficient creditworthiness to get a credit card that doesn’t work on a credit basis.

In addition, a credit card is a wonderful way to control costs, regardless of the possible complications you may have with the Schufa – the credit card owner can only spend the money that he actually has and has paid into the credit account of his credit card , and without that a prepaid card would miss the usual advantages of other credit or debit cards. Below you will find a comparison of well-known credit cards:

Free credit cards

Free credit cards

Credit cards without an annual fee basically only include one credit card, the Visa Card from Wüstenrot Bank . However, this is only available in connection with a current account at Wüstenrot, which is, however, completely free of charge, there are no pending obligations when opening the account.

The Wüstenrot Visa card has some special features: the minimum age of the card holder must be only 7 years and can therefore also be used when children or pupils are traveling abroad via student exchanges.

You can also use the card to withdraw cash free of charge twelve times a year, which is not usually the case with credit cards, worldwide. After that, a cash withdrawal costs 99 cents. If the credit card is used to pay outside the euro zone, 1.50% of the turnover is incurred as fees.

Cheap credit cards

If you have read something about a free prepaid credit card, it can be difficult to recognize the logic behind a “only” cheap credit card, but these sometimes offer very attractive conditions that are worth a look. This includes, for example, the Payango Visa Card :

It is issued by the Landesbank Baden Württemberg, the annual fee is 25 euros, with customers receiving a 5 euro discount in the first year of use, resulting in fixed fees of 20 euros in the first year. Withdrawals are subject to fees of 2% of the amount or at least 2.50 euros.

The Landesbank Baden Württemberg also issues the CristalCard , which is a prepaid credit card for people aged 18 and over. Again, the fee for cash withdrawals is at least 2.50 euros or 2.00% of the amount withdrawn, the annual fee is 37.90 euros, the foreign fee when using the card in non-euro countries is 1.00% of the amount incurred sales.

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