Dance Dance Danseur reveals a love triangle during his recital at Swan Lake

The following article contains spoilers for Dance Dance Dancer Episode 5, “I Can’t Die Now,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Murao Junpei proves to be a more rogue element than ever this week in Dance Dance Dancerthe ballet studio finally taking part in a recital of Swan Lake starring Junpei as Prince Siegfried, alongside Godai Miyako as Odette and Mori Ruou as the evil wizard Rothbart. Junpei has spent time training to try and improve his fundamentals, but things take a disastrous turn when a nasty love triangle and Junpei’s impulsive personality collide on stage.

Although Ruou has shown no signs of romantic interest in Miyako, their pas de deux from previous months is still on Junpei’s mind. He regards Miyako as his first daughter and struggles to understand what her feelings for him are, possibly because she on her side doesn’t know where the ballet ends and Junpei’s true intentions begin. A sweet moment alone between the two just before the recital only fans the flames before they take the stage, with Ruou to clean up the mess.

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The first part of the act goes smoothly, with Odette dying and Siegfried and Rothbart clashing. Siegfried is supposed to die and then join Odette in heaven, when their love eventually defeats Rothbart. However, just as Ruou knocked Junpei aside in victory, Junpei ignored the choreography, his fellow ballet dancers, and his furious instructor backstage to resume the fight once again. Ruou is embarrassed, trying to tell Junpei when he will soon stage his death as they resume their dance over and over again, but Junpei refuses to stay down.

This leaves a group of little girls offstage who won’t actually participate in the production due to Junpei’s selfish desire to keep dancing, as well as Ruou composing choreography on the spot to try to salvage the performance. The audience and most members of the ballet company are confused, and with good reason – although Swan Lake is known for its multitude of endings, this one is new. Junpei has shown before that he struggles to understand ballet as a team sport that relies as much on the ensemble as it does on the individual dancer, but ignoring his own choreography so he can dance more takes that mentality to a whole new level. .

On the other hand, Ruou is improving from the state he was introduced to: a complete shut-in who didn’t want to consider any role other than the prince. His grumpy personality has been shown to have roots in child abuse and bullying, and after he goes rogue during their performance, his cynicism about messing with a “wild ape” gets in the way. proven fact. The real advantage of Junpei’s actions during Swan Lake This is how Ruou was forced to improvise his choreography and showcase his dancing and performing skills to close the recital with any sort of resolve, making him an undeniable MVP.

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While Junpei was certainly wrong for what he did, the fact that it had positive consequences for the person he could have most easily ruined makes him a bit more forgivable. Ruou is the star of the show, a real sorcerer demon, and the whole audience is captivated by him. The deal he made with Godai Chizuru – to become MVP of the festival and attend school to be sent overseas to study ballet – can be considered complete.

Even though Ruou would hate to admit it, catching up with Junpei’s mistakes allowed him to shine the most. There’s more between the two boys than rivals for the role of prince or for Miyako’s heart, and I hope Dance Dance Dancer going to capitalize on that. They’re much more interesting as allies than conventional enemies, and while Junpei can bring a spontaneity to Ruou, he might just be the right person to convince Junpei that basics and actual choreography are just as important.

The two have a lot of potential together to move forward as friends and partners in ballet as long as they can overcome their initial rivalry, with a lot to potentially teach the other. In Episode 5, Junpei’s selfishness allowed Ruou his moment. Will Ruou be able to return the favor? With the two continually pushing each other, they have the potential to reach far greater heights than they ever would have alone.

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