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From a list of 85 nominees, the following 15 students were named semi-finalists for 2022 Artist of the Year in Dance. The students were chosen by a panel of teachers based on written statements, performance videos and artistic CVs.

Included are links to their work, the specialty in which they were nominated, and quotes on how they relate to their craft.

The dancers were nominated in the specialties of Commercial Dance, Concert Dance, Street Dance and World/Cultural Dance. (This year, no street dance nominees were selected as semi-finalists.)

During the final round of selection, students are interviewed by a panel of distinguished arts professionals and faculty members from Southern California universities. Interviews include a live presentation by the students followed by a Q&A session.

A finalist in each specialty will be named as well as an artist of the year in each of the seven disciplines – theatre, dance, instrumental music, vocal music, cinema, visual arts crafts and computer-aided visual arts.

The artists of the year will be announced on May 1.

This program is generously sponsored by Chapman University College of Performing Arts. Additional support is provided by Laguna College of Art + Design and Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Artist of the Year program, contact Heide Janssen at [email protected]

David Burn, Senior, Sunny Hills High School

Speciality: commercial dance

“As a dancer, I faced many prejudicial opinions about my character without ever saying a word. Dance gave me the ability to change preconceived opinions not only about my abilities as a person and a performer, but hopefully on male dancers in general. I believe artists have the potential to move people and change perceptions. Artists can move a mass audience with a single piece, whether through song, poetry, illustrations or in the dance of my choice.

Michaela Capulong, senior, Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts

Speciality: dance concert

“Even at a young age, I had a deep respect for the way dance bridged the gap between art and athletics, making dance one of the most physically and mentally demanding activities there is. As someone who spent long days and nights rigorously training in the studio, I have devoted more than a decade of my life to this art form, studying all genres of dance and the multiple methods of each respective style. far as I can remember, dance has been the most integral pillar of my identity, a component without which I am not complete.

Emmy Cheung, Senior, Orange County School of the Arts

Speciality: dance concert

“Dancing helps me anchor myself. My dance is me in my truest form, and it’s a constant reminder that I am who I uniquely am. It’s every one of my emotions. They are connections and relationships. The dance is honest. Thinking that I can both enjoy and share dance as a career is what drives my passion to follow the path of dance.

Bella Rose Dunn, senior, Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts

Speciality: dance concert

“Dancing allowed me to search for expression and beauty through movement. It sounds cliché, but true. Soon it was time for my first pair of spikes. A real turning point in my life! Ballet has become my new love. My first peak solo changed my focus. I wanted to devote my talents entirely to ballet. Today I can honestly say it was a perfect decision for me.

Devin Glass, junior, Fullerton Union High School

Speciality: commercial dance

“I consider myself an artist because I found my passion and was able to share my creativity with the world. To be an artist is to break out of societal norms and find a way to express yourself. Artists say the truth, they find issues and stories that are happening in the world and somehow, through their gifts, they bring those ideas to life I find rhythms and rhythms in everything that I see and hear, and I always create dance pieces that have meaning and a story for them.

Mia Amaris Lopez, Junior, Orange County School of the Arts

Speciality: World/cultural dance

“As an artist, I want to be able to give back to my community. Not just in us folk dancers, but the Mexican people as a whole. I want to be able to get a degree in dance and use it to teach and spread my art around the world. Folklorico is a dance form that is booming in the entertainment industry and I want to be a part of it.

Alisa Nguyen, Junior, Orange County School of the Arts

Speciality: dance concert

“Dance has influenced non-dance aspects of my life by allowing me to discover the love of working with children. I always enjoyed taking care of the younger ones around me when I was growing up due to my natural maternal instincts. Through dance, I have the opportunity to work with children from underprivileged communities, which has opened my eyes. Now that I have been doing this for several years and have aged, I am now taking steps to teach the community around me.

Mindy T. Pham, senior, Garden Grove High School

Speciality: World/cultural dance

“To be an artist, from my point of view, is to throw joy, pain, hope, grief and all the accumulated emotions into a bag, shake it and empty the contents to create your own master- This masterpiece may be imperfect, incomplete and have countless flaws, but the most important aspect of the artwork is that it is unique and expresses who we are. we are as individuals.

Joshua Qin, Junior, Orange County School of the Arts

Speciality: World/cultural dance

“Dance inspires other creative improvisations through piano and singing, as I reflect on theme, tempo, rhythm and style. When I play drums with other musicians at PSYO, I use the body language learned through dance to better express my playing and create a moving story. Singing with peers from across the country in honor choirs, I mix the emotions of the beautiful dances I imagine in my mind with our harmonious voices.

Kelley Lauren Rood, Senior, Mater Dei High School

Speciality: commercial dance

“At first, I struggled to define what it means to be an artist, because everyone is unique in their representation and has different experiences. Yet it is precisely this welcoming concept of breadth that characterizes art. The most beautiful element of art is the stylistic and personal touch that each artist brings to the form. Rightly, I believe that being an artist means you can stay true to yourself while exploring the world of possibilities at the same time.

Danielle Silver, Senior, Orange County School of the Arts

Speciality: commercial dance

“In addition to integrating concert dance into my training, I am also deeply passionate about and involved in the history of dance and its origins. I find the etiology of dance fascinating, as delving into the past of my art form helps me broaden my horizons and knowledge of dance by learning from various artistic influences from around the world and exploring new areas of dance. study in my dance. I enjoy learning about the connections of various influences through dance, such as African and European roots, to gain insights into creating the art form that I love so much.

Danielle Thayer-Pham, Senior, Woodbridge High School

Speciality: commercial dance

“As artists we have the ability to modify our art which can produce an entirely different piece. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to be both a dancer and a choreographer. As a dancer, I connect to the music and allow myself to convey the message of the choreographer. When I choreograph, I paint my image with my choreography and my formations while using the technique of the dancers to bring my vision to life.

Hana Uehara, Junior, Orange County School of the Arts

Speciality: World/cultural dance

“The ballroom has brought so much to my life. It has shared with me the gifts of friendship, family and has filled my life with indescribable love. Yet not only is it unknown to the public, but it is often preconceived through prisms that do not allow us to see the reality of ballroom dancing. With my club (Ballroom for All), I wanted to change this pattern by spreading my passion to allow children to try their hand at different dance forms.

Reagan Vallejo, Senior, Orange County School of the Arts

Speciality: commercial dance

“I’ve learned that there will always be obstacles that will set you back, force you to take a new direction, or separate you from those you love. However, the inventive and determined spirit that I have developed by focusing on my artistic side has shown me time and time again the benefit of taking risks, forging my own path and knowing that I am part of a community that always supports each other. Being an artist is essential to who I am, and I wouldn’t be myself without everything this lifestyle has taught me.

Amelia Yum, junior, Northwood High School

Speciality: commercial dance

“Dancing really evolved into something more personal for me as I grew up in high school. … I feel like I was able to find my element and also challenge myself and push myself where it’s uncomfortable. I realized that I had to start dancing for myself in order to perform for others. Artists play to their strengths but explore their weaknesses. For me, dance is my story and who I am. It’s a journey that encompasses the lowest and highest points of my life and everything in between.

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