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American violinist Lindsey Stirling uses some of her favorite childhood memories of Christmas to create “The Lindsey Stirling Christmas Program”, which will be presented at the Koger Center for the Arts in Columbia on December 20.

“I love doing Christmas shows because I feel like there are so many emotions wrapped up in Christmas – like there’s a certain nostalgia and there’s a lot of humor that goes on. ‘I think it’s super appropriate to add to Christmas, “Stirling said of the show’s creation. “It was fun figuring out how to get all of those emotions, thoughts and feelings through one show.”

Stirling got her first big breakthrough playing in season five of “America’s Got Talent”, and which was coined as a “hip-hop violinist”, playing the violin and dancing in unique ways that extend to- beyond the classic route. The violinist is also very popular online, with over 13 million YouTube subscribers and more than 3 billion total views of her music videos.

“The Lindsey Stirling Christmas Program” features live performances of songs from Stirling’s “Warmer in the Winter” album. The program includes dances and performances by Stirling and his tour mates, on tour with most of them between the ages of four and 10.

While Stirling shares childhood and Christmas stories throughout the show, she also adds subtle things that she alone would never know could be a part of her childhood story, which she says adds character that only a personal touch could add.

“Some of these are very obvious stories that I’m going to tell and some are very subliminal, little things that only I would ever know that add character and flavor to the show that, you know, only takes a touch. personal could possibly add. “

The performer said she is dipping her feet into new areas of performance in her Christmas show.

“They’ll be surprised and it’s really fun to see their reaction every night,” Stirling said with a laugh. “I do things I’ve never done before and love it: aerial acrobatics, including trapeze. Two of my dancers trained with an aerial coach and put it in the show – it makes it really fun and adds a whole new layer to our show.

“The Lindsey Stirling Christmas Program” was a collaborative process with Stirling and his tour mates, giving each their own part in the show.

“I come up with these crazy or wacky ideas and they’ll bring little ideas to the table, or we’ll think about things together and so it’s a show that everyone is very proud of every night because everyone feels like they’re ‘I own it,’ Stirling said of the creation of his Christmas show.

“And they’re all on stage at least at one point or another of the show – that just makes it a big group event rather than Lindsey Stirling’s Christmas special. It really is the spectacle of Lindsey Stirling and the company.

Adapted from the work of Columbia comic artist Sanford Greene, shown in Hollywood

Stirling’s performance at Columbia follows a decade-long rise to widespread popularity. In 2010, she starred on “America’s Got Talent”, at a time when competitive performance television was an increased part of the zeitgeist.

A quarter-finalist on the show, she would later release five albums between 2012 and 2019. Her albums have been consistent hits, reaching the top 25 on the Billboard charts. Her current tour is based on the 2017 album “Warmer in the Winter”.

The dancing violinist has been busy amid the COVID-19 pandemic and its initial slowdown in touring. Stirling recently released her own line of makeup, designed a violin, and performed in a Christmas special that is slated for a theatrical release – and is now back on tour as the touring circuit reopened in the second half. from 2021.

“I’m always excited to try new things and push myself, partly to feel challenged,” Stirling explained. “I think that’s a good indicator of where I am right now as a person – even through COVID when the world was shut down I was like, ‘Okay, well, what can we do. U.S? “”

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Lindsey Stirling

December 20. $ 39. Koger Arts Center. 1051 Greene Street kogercenterforthearts.com

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