David S. Pumpkins is back! Watch Tom Hanks Return to ‘SNL’

He is crazy !

‘Saturday Night Live’ viewers were treated to a huge treat and a few spins last night as Tom Hanks reprized his mysterious and crazy character, David S. Pumpkins.

The cheering pumpkins appeared in a parody of a Disney Twilight of Terror-style amusement park elevator ride, where the doors opened to reveal spooky horror movie characters including Michael Myers, Pennywise the clown and Freddy Krueger.

Flanked by his trusty dancing skeletons played by Mikey Day and former cast member Bobby Moynihan, 10-time ‘SNL’ host Hanks delivered his dance moves and catchphrase wearing the now-iconic pumpkin costume. .

In the hilarious skit, a group of friends played by host and musical guest Jack Harlow and cast members Ego Nwodim and Andrew Dismukes aboard Cell Block 666, performed “the scariest ride in history of Fright Night”.

“If I pass out, don’t help me,” Harlow says of the social media-obsessed friend. “Film it. And post it.”

Riders are greeted by Kenan Thompson, playing host to the ride.

Jack Harlow, Ego Nwodim and Andrew Dismukes board a spooky ride.Saturday Night Live / NBC

“Time to meet the Companions of Sin,” he laughs maniacally as he guides the friends to their seats.

At first we see some truly spooky horror movie legends – until the doors open to cell 662.

“I’m David Pumpkins and I’m going to scare you!” announces Hanks, sharper than ever in his pumpkin-lantern costume.

Pumpkins and his skeleton henchmen perform a silly dance, capped off by Hanks’ catchphrase: “Any questions?”

Riders at the amusement park look confused – and certainly not scared – by the bizarre display.

Mikey Day, Tom Hanks and Bobby Moynihan during the sketch
Tom Hanks was flanked by two skeletons in the hilarious part.Will Heath/NBC

“Are you shaking in your boots?” Thompson asks.

“No,” says the horseman played by Dismukes, who says he’s seen every horror movie ever made and none of them contain pumpkins.

“I felt a bit like David Pumpkins,” Harlow says. “Good change of pace.”

Pumpkins keep appearing on the ride, to the amazement of the group. As the moviegoer demands an explanation, Hanks and his skeletons continue their schtick, dancing and slapping to sound effects.

“Baby, ignore it,” Nwodim told Dismukes.

“I can’t, he is the most present,” he replies.

Finally, the ride culminates with the doors opening on Cell Block 666, where we are treated to another Skeleton Dance.

“Happy Halloween from us!” they exclaim.

“And me!” shouts Pumpkins, popping up behind the runners for a terrifying photo op.

Tom Hanks gave a final scare at the end of the skit.
Tom Hanks gave a final scare at the end of the skit.Saturday Night Live / NBC

When David S. Pumpkins’ character first appeared on “SNL” in 2016, Hanks’ quirky portrayal became cult. The David S. Pumpkins costume sold out quickly online, and the sketch had a huge fan following in none other than our very own Al Roker! Roker even went so far as to dress up as pumpkins for Halloween.

Still, there’s one person who won’t get on the David S. Pumpkins bandwagon — Tom Hanks’ own son, Colin Hanks.

“As surreal as it is for you, it’s five times as much for me,” he said.

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