David shows off his weight loss progress while dancing for Annie

90 Day Fiancé couple David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan post a surprising video for their Instagram followers in which David does an Irish dance.

Popular 90 day fiance Star David Toborowsky celebrates his weight loss progress by doing an Irish jig for his wife Annie Suwan on Instagram. With David & Annie: After the 90 days just renewed for a season 2, the famous duo is riding the wave of success. When David and Annie started out as an odd couple with an age gap on TLC, no one would have expected them to even stay together. However, since then, viewers have supported them every step of the way and have been part of Annie and David’s journey to becoming one of the most well-known. 90 day fiance couples.

Along with chasing money and fame since their reality TV debut, Annie and David have also focused on their health and appearance. Annie recently revealed she can fit into her old clothes after going down six sizes. Annie also got lip fillers to enhance her beauty and flaunted her new face on social media. Perhaps inspired by his partner, David also lost 10 trouser sizes. Although David was thin when viewers first met him in 90 day fiance season 5, he continued to gain weight over the years. It was then that Annie and David were touring Thailand to After 90 days that David realized he needed to lose weight.


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In her recent Instagram post, Annie gushed about David’s unique dancing skills. Annie uploaded a video in which David was seen dancing to Home Free’s “Sea Shanty Medley”. Annie sat down on the floor and encouraged David while clapping to the tune of the song. Watch the video below:

As David jumped gracefully with his hands on his hips, viewers noticed something different about him. David, in his purple shirt and baggy pants, looked visibly thinner than lately. As usual, Instagram users complimented their favorite couple. They gushed over David’s movements. “Wow he lost a lot of weight,wrote one of Annie’s followers. A 90 day fiance The viewer even got a response from Annie when she commented on her hubby’s transformation. “Yes he didAnnie said in confirmation to the subscriber asking if David had actually lost weight.

David and Annie first spoke about David’s weight loss journey in December, when he stood next to pants from three and a half years ago that now seemed way too big for him. David demonstrated how much he had slimmed down from his midsection while complimenting Annie saying she was the best cheerleader in the world. It looks like Annie will continue to support David until he reaches his secret weight goal.

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90 day fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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