‘Day of Dance’ promotes health and community

(NewsNation) – A Sacramento nonprofit is helping children learn to dance. In the process, they teach essential life skills.

On Saturday, Studio T Arts & Entertainment will host its annual “Dance Day,” a signature event that brings the community together to celebrate dance. In the week leading up to the celebration, Studio T offers free dance lessons for children.

Tamaira Sandifer, founder of Studio T, said she started the “Day of Dance” events because she wanted to help young people, especially those in areas where services are not offered or those who have none. not the means.

It’s not just dance kids learn at Studio T – the organization’s Side Hustle Academy helps kids learn videography, photography, graphic design, social media and other artistic and entrepreneurial skills. .

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sandifer said, she noticed that a lot of the jobs kids would typically have were no longer available to them.

“Our kids needed a way to make money,” said Sandifer, who started Side Hustle Academy.

“They were able to not only make money, they were able to develop creative workforce development skills that made them competitive, and they were able to help small businesses, especially those of color, to connect during the pandemic so they can continue to have businesses. “, Sandifer said. “We were able to bring in nearly $700,000 for small businesses just by supporting them, and our young people became additional providers for their families and continue to do so today.”

For all the work she has done for dance and advocacy, Sandifer, known as ‘Miss T’, will be honored as Woman of the Year by Sacramento Assemblyman Kevin McCarty , in his district.

“It is an incredible honor to be selected to receive this recognition,” Sandifer said in a press release. “I have always tried my best to reach out to young people in need and offer whatever I could to improve their lives in some way.

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