Disney’s 10 most iconic romances, ranked


When it comes to movies and its romances, it’s almost impossible to let Disney out of the conversation. Since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Debuted in 1937, Disney gave the world magical stories of love, friendship, and acceptance in the form of action and animated films.

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The studio is the only one at the top of the entertainment world, backed by its rich history and diverse lineup of films and franchises. There is no studio that encompasses the word “iconic” better. At the heart of their success is Disney’s ability to create and tell the perfect love story, and these romances are some of their most beautiful and enduring examples.

ten Jack and Sally are the nightmarish couple that dreams are made of

Jack Skellington and Sally holding hands in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Few faces are as marketable as those of Jack Skellington, and with his partner Sally in hand, he’s been licensed to Disney to print money since its debut in the 1993s. The nightmare before Christmas. The Pumpkin King and his Ragdoll Queen appear in everything from video games and theme park rides to the lyrics of Blink-182, and fans around the world see them as a symbol of the perfect relationship.

Jack and Sally are a couple that generations of romantic partners can aspire to emulate. Add in Jack’s ghost dog, Zero, and you could have the perfect family.

9 Faith, trust, and pixie dust can make a perfect couple

Peter Pan and Wendy

The fantasy world of Neverland can transport even the oldest viewer to an era and place of innocence and youthful wonder. The land of pirates, mermaids and fairies is an almost perfect setting for a romance. The story of Wendy and the boy who wouldn’t grow up, Peter Pan has held fan worship for generations.

Parts of the 1953 Disney film did not age so gracefully, however, as its offensive portrayal of Native Americans cannot be seen as a mere product of its time, preventing the romance of Peter Pan and Wendy from occupying a rank. higher on this list.

8 Aladdin and Jasmine have a romance worthy of three wishes

Aladdin and Jasmine flying on the carpet in Aladdin Cropped

For many fans, Genie is the most memorable and enduring character of the years 1992. Aladdin, although it is a testament to Jasmine and Aladdin’s love affair that they hold their place in pop culture despite Robin Williams’ performance.

Aladdin is a magic carpet ride of Disney’s most epic proportions, and its driving force is Aladdin’s desire to win Princess Jasmine, the same princess often credited with bringing racial diversity to the hall of Disney princesses.

7 Ariel and Prince Eric is the romance that started the Renaissance

After Walt Disney’s death in 1966, Disney animated films declined in critical and commercial success, and it would take a red-haired princess and her human prince to make a difference. the years 1989 The little Mermaid kicked off a resurgence for the studio and paved the way for their incredible success and box office dominance that stand to this day.

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Ariel’s rebellious nature coupled with Prince Eric’s naivety have made them fan favorites, and the couple have gone from the big screen to TV series, back-to-back movies, video games, and even theme park rides. .

6 She’s the belle of the ball (when the beast is on her arm)

Beauty and the Beast dancing in Beauty and the Beast cropped

There are plenty of heartbreaking moments in the animated Disney classic to warm viewers to the romance of Beauty and Beast. Whether it’s the marvelous animation of the ballroom dance scene or the adorable relationships between the servants of the Cursed Castle, there is something for everyone. The film and its main love story perfectly encapsulates the magic of Disney.

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Belle’s importance as a strong female character also cannot be understated. The brave bookworm turned princess acted as a trailblazer for generations of Disney princesses to come. The tale as old as time has certainly stood the test, with The beauty and the Beast receiving a live-action adaptation in 2017 with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

5 Simba and Nala are the pride of the pack

Simba and Nala look at each other in The Lion King

Simba and Nala are getting the lion’s share when it comes to many fan adoration for Disney romances, and being in one of the most successful animated films of all time certainly helps. The Lion King remains the traditionally highest grossing animated film in the world.

It’s a lasting love story, one of childhood friends who reunite after years of hardship, and it continues to resonate with people today, regardless of their place in the circle of life.

4 Sleeping Beauty was the first love of many Disney fans

Princess Aurora and Prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty

Another hugely important romance from the Disney Archives, given that even Disney’s own logo owes a debt to the story of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip, The Sleeping Beauty and her story of the first kiss of true love holds a place in the hearts of many Disney fans.

The film hit theaters in 1959, and while its high cost of production and poor initial performance resulted in losses for Disney as a company, subsequent re-releases of the film would cement it as a true Disney classic. Like many on this list, the film would ultimately be selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

3 Lady and the tramp go together like spaghetti and meatballs

the Lady and the Tramp

Man’s best friend hasn’t just maintained a constant presence in the Disney catalog over the years – the four-legged companions have blessed audiences with some of the most heartwarming stories in all of cinema.

the Lady and the Tramp maybe just the best dog. The upper-class lady and the aptly named tramp are another case of oppositions that attract, and their descent into love has given the world the quintessential love scene. There are few scenes more iconic than the famous spaghetti noodle moment.

2 Cinderella is a perfect romance, if the shoe fits


Cinderella’s glass slipper is now a big part of Disney’s romance: wonder, magic, and finding a sense of belonging through thick and thin. Cinderella and Prince Charming’s connection has inspired couples across generations since Walt Disney Cinderella came out in 1950.

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Weddings, engagements, birthdays – their influence is inescapable, and many lonely hearts have dreamed of a love affair to match the magic of Walt’s masterpiece.

1 Disney is the world of Mickey and Minnie; The others just live in it

Walt Disney created a media monster in 1928 in the form of these adorable mouse brides, and the world of entertainment has never been the same. In the 1930s, Minnie took a step back to allow the meteoric rise in popularity of pals Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Pluto, but she never left the public eye for very long and kept a place of choice in the hearts of young and old across the world.

The couple are simply untouchable when it comes to their status in the Disney universe, and with their 100th anniversary coming later this decade, the world can expect more romance celebrations of all romance, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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