Emory Pride hosts an annual Drag Show


The day before Halloween, in the auditorium of Glenn Memorial Church, the light went out, the wigs came on and the performances began. A stage was brightly lit in anticipation of the acts, and LGBTQ + and transgender pride flags adorned the catwalks as the audience prepared for the start of the show.

To cap off LGBTQ + History Month, Emory Pride hosts its annual Drag Show, which began in 2004. The show offers student organizations on campus the opportunity to receive additional funding by performing all over the place.

Jaqueline Veliz, program coordinator at the Office of LGBTQ Life; Taina Figueroa, deputy director of the Bureau for Racial and Cultural Engagement; and Huong Truong, Sorority and Fellowship Life Coordinator at the Sorority and Fraternal Life Office; served as judges for the event.

“Drag has provided a space for queer expression when homophobia, transphobia and racism make the world dangerous,” said Emory Pride President Layla Aberman (23C). “Drag is a family matter. ”

The first half of the event featured acts from Emory Spoke, Student Program Council, Climate Reality and High Tunes Acapella.

The Student Programming Council (SPC) making their entry. (Lauren Baydaline / contributing author)

Tommy Greenler (22C) served as the host and was dressed in a full drag queen outfit as “Pam”. They said a show like this wouldn’t be possible without “the many people who have gone before us and [the] shoulders on which we stand.

QR codes and donation bins were located throughout the church for attendees to donate to the Project Trevor, a confidential national crisis support hotline for LGBTQ youth.

During the intermission, a costume contest was held in which members of the public and performers entered a costume contest where they shared their looks in hopes of winning a $ 20 Starbucks gift card. The winning look was “Hunky Dory Natasha” by Emory Spoke.

For both show attendees and members of the public, the event serves as a space where individuals feel comfortable in their attire. Emily Ogden (23C), a participant and participant in the costume contest, was thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with the queer community through the event.

“As a woman with visibly gay friends on a college campus, going out comes with the fear of being harassed to wear what’s comfortable,” Ogden said. “It was one of the few times that the thought didn’t even cross my mind.”

The second act included performances by Blaze Dance Crew, Persuasion Dance Crew, Oxford Pride and a non-competitive act of the Student Program Council. The winning act of the entire show and recipient of a $ 250 prize was again “Hunky Dory Natasha” by Emory Spoke. Blaze Dance Crew received an honorable mention.

While the prizes were exciting for members of the public, the real joy came from the event itself. The Drag Show, with its ability to unite students from all of Emory’s campuses, is an event students don’t want to miss in the years to come, attendees said.

“There is something surreal about being part of such a massive group of people who not only support but praise all forms of gender and aesthetic expression,” Ogden said. “It gives people a safe place to experience the performance. “

Correction (5/11/2021 6:01 PM): A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that a pansexual flag adorned a podium at the annual Drag Show. In fact, a transgender pride flag adorned the podium.

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