Fans demand that Moriah Plath participate in this series of competitions after seeing his new hobby

After trading in her purple locks for a new platinum blonde look, Moriah Plath revealed on her Instagram account that she is currently taking ballroom dancing lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Tampa. In a series of posts that show the reality star dancing with an instructor, Plath captioned a series of photos, “4th dance class! Ballroom dancing is one of my favorite things I’ve done lately !” She added that the dance studio taught her a lot in a short time. “I strongly encourage you to find something that makes you really happy and to take time for it!” she wrote. “No excuses because doing what makes you happy changes how you feel about yourself, your confidence, your happiness and so much more!”

Of course, that led to plenty of comments encouraging the aspiring actress and singer to try another reality show. One person commented, “Hope to see you on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ one day.” Another follower wrote, “‘Dancing With the Stars’ in your future? Is this show still airing? You’d be awesome!!!! So sad to watch the latest episode of Plathvillle. Hope you can heal and move forward in the direction that’s right for you.”

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