Fisherman Cop Caught Man With Good Deed

FISHERS, Ind. – A chance encounter leads a Fishers police officer to do a good deed for a resident.

Fisherman Police Department K-9 officer Jarred Koopman shared an encounter he had with someone while on the job in early February. During the encounter, Constable Koopman saw a man walking down the sidewalk dancing.

He said he liked the positivity of the man and wanted to release the video for people to see this positive interaction. Officer Koopman came out to speak with the man and during the conversation found out why he was walking to work.

The man in the video told Koopman he has seven-year-old twins and moved here from the East Coast. He was recently involved in a car accident and lost his car in the process. The man went on to tell Koopman that he now commutes to work every day where he works with autistic children.

“I had so many people who are like guys that we need people like that in the world. His positive energy and all that,” Officer Koopman told the man. “I was so moved by your positive energy and you walked as far as he came to work every day. So I was like you know what I got on social media, I said, let’s do something for this guy. “

Officer Koopman said he wanted to do something for the man, so he took to social media to raise money for the man. More than 50 people contributed, raising $2,240 for the man.

At the fundraiser, Officer Koopman said negative comments were starting to come in. People were asking a lot of hypothetical questions.

….. “AND WHAT IF…. He’s a bad guy?

…… “AND WHAT IF… There are more deserving people?

(For my police friends)… “and if he has a warrant”

Officer Jarred Koopman

Officer Koopman replied that people can question everything and be afraid to do something, or they can go out and make a difference.

“This guy is making a difference. Not only does he walk many miles to get to work every day, but he chooses to do so with a positive attitude and showing others that they too can be happy!” Officer Koopman wrote. “Change your story, change your life! That was my whole mission. This guy moved me so much I had to say, “I gotta go see what he’s doing. This is how we’re going to change. By choosing better for you.” choose that you are going to fill your brain with positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts! I really don’t know too much about this guy and I didn’t want to. I saw a man with a good attitude and I needed to talk to him.

On Wednesday, Agent Koopman announced that he had found the man in the video. He gave her the money, telling her how it was collected.

The man was overwhelmed with the gift, hugging Officer Koopman and thanking everyone who gave.

“Thank you, everyone, everyone, whoever made it. Thank you all so much,” the man said in the video. “You all know how blessed and grateful I am, like I didn’t do it for this, but I know they’re expecting us at all.”

Officer Koopman said the world needs people who choose resilience and positivity right now, and this man embodies both.

We contacted the Fisherman’s Police Department, who said they always encourage officers to have a positive impact on the community.

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