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Guardians are frustrated with Destiny 2’s continued approach to seasonal activity upgrades for Vendors, and Season of the Splicer has proven to be the tipping point.

Each new Destiny 2 season usually comes with the same type of baggage the Guardians need to unpack. This includes new Exotic weapons, a new Artifact, a Battle Pass, and most recently, Weekly Challenges.

One thing players have grown used to is the prospect of grinding to improve the new seller element of the season. Players are complaining that the requirements are basically a drag and want Bungie to change them in the future.

The passionate position posted by Reddit user iblaise has been received by a large part of the Destiny 2 community who agrees with the thoughts of the user.

Iblaise said: “I’m sure we all heaved a big sigh when we saw the Splicer Gauntlet upgrade tree this season, and how familiar it looks at the War Table, at Variks sabotage. , the Prismatic Recaster, the Seraph Bunkers and the Sundial. Obelisks.

“Yes that’s right, every season since Season of Dawn we’ve had to upgrade these systems by doing specific activities related to those seasons (with the exception of Variks, which was more general Europa content).”

The post attracted nearly 10,000 positive votes with several hundred comments all agreeing with the idea of ​​changing the “three-line supplier to upgrade” system.

“When The Witch Queen comes out, I really hope we can slowly move away from that model, or at least not rely on it every season. All it has done, at least for me, is that every season feels more like a chore when it’s basically the same thing over and over again, ”continued Iblaise.

Destiny 2 activities are generally fun, like the new Override activity that the Splicer Gauntlet takes advantage of the most, but endlessly grinding them can get tedious.

One of the top comments said, “The Menagerie was in my opinion the pinnacle of D2 – a perfect balance of puzzles, punishment and reward. It helps that this existed before the Champions… I never felt like I was fighting for kills with other players, the difficulty was quite well suited to the power level – the different bosses also really helped make it different things every week.

Considering the leveling tree has been largely consistent over the past few seasons, you wonder if Bungie will deviate from the model. But if comments like this continue, the developers may have no choice but to come up with something new before The Witch Queen expands.

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