Gordon Ramsay talks to Tilly’s partner Nikita Kuzmin


Gordon Ramsay acted in typical Gordon Ramsay style when he first met his daughter Tilly Come dance strictly partner … making him a little reproach. You can see the slightly awkward exchange here:

Tilly, 19, has been paired with professional ballroom dancer Nikita Kuzmin for this year’s series and it looks like protective father Gordon will be keeping a close eye on the pair.

On last night’s show (September 18), we saw the moment the celebrities met their professional partner, and as Tilly and Nikita got to know each other, Gordon FaceTimed his daughter for a chat.

The teenager answered the call and introduced it to Nikita, Gordon saying: “Congratulations – and good luck to you both.”

However, he then appeared to spot what Nikita was wearing and quickly warned, “Nikita, can you pull up your shirt? It’s a little low.”

Fortunately, the couple seemed to see the fun side and could be seen laughing as Tilly quickly ended the call by telling her father, “It’s time to go.”

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

Later in the episode, Tilly joked that she told co-host Claudia Winkleman that Nikita should wear a “scarf and a balaclava” to keep her father happy.

Viewers loved Gordon’s cheeky comment, with one person posting on Twitter: “Telling Nikita to make this shirt is SO Gordon!”

Another joked, “Gordon: ‘Nikita, can you button your shirt?’.

“Better than: ‘You fucking ass.'”

A third warned: “Nikita Kuzmin has already tasted Tilly Ramsay’s father Gordon, if she is rejected in the first few weeks, you better prepare for serious verbal abuse …”

Gordon and Tilly are known to pull off a few moves together on TikTok.  Credit: Instagram / @ gordongram
Gordon and Tilly are known to pull off a few moves together on TikTok. Credit: Instagram / @ gordongram

When it was announced that Tilly had made his way into the dance competition last month, Gordon was quick to warn, “Don’t date these dancers.”

But Gordon doesn’t need to worry too much, as Nikita is already in a relationship with her partner – and fellow dancer – Nicole Wirt.

While Tilly has already revealed that her father is delighted that she is participating.

Speaking to The Sun, she said, “Dad is very happy that I am participating. He always wanted to learn to dance but he’s just not very good at all. He has two left feet.

“I’ll try to teach him but I’m getting a little impatient with him because it takes him a very long time.”

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