‘Had Tears in Her Eyes’: Dance Partner Suni Lee Makes Tragic Revelation Behind the Scenes at DWTS


Suni Lee, the well-known American artistic gymnast, is from Minnesota, located in the United States. Since the age of 6, Lee entered the field of gymnastics. Today, at 18, Suni is the 2020 Olympic all-around champion.


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Surprising fans with her achievements at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Sunisa Lee headed for her second goal, dancing. While exploring the field, the American gymnast joined the reality show “Dancing With the Stars“. Lee took part in the show with his partner, Sasha Farber.


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Despite being strong contenders, the duo recently placed in the bottom two. Through an interview, Sasha revealed Lee’s poor health over the past few days, which may have contributed to their deteriorating performance. Farber also spoke about how difficult it was for Lee to perform at times.

Sunisa Lee and her poor health

The Minnesota teenager hasn’t been feeling well the past few days, which obviously affected her performance on the show.

Lee’s partner Sasha Farber has spoken of her daring nature, regardless of her fragile health.

It was a tough week, we missed a lot of rehearsals, in fact today was the first time we even ran the relay dance on stage with everyone because she couldn’t be there yesterday . noted Farber.

“Every dance that we did uh, you know, blocking the camera and the morning temperature, like in the morning she was running away and throwing up, it’s just something was wrongSuni’s dance partner Sasha said.

Sasha shared an incident that took place right before their first dance on the show. Just 10 seconds before their dance began, Lee’s health deteriorated. But ignoring all the issues, she decided to go ahead and do her best.

“But the was a time where just before the first dance she literally said she had 10 seconds left, she literally looked at me and had tears in her eyes and left and I was gone soon, she thought to herself: ” I can not do it“said Farber.

However, Farber encouraged her and, at the very last moment, Lee recomposed herself, came out and did her best.

Suni Lee opens up about toxicity and elite sports mentality

Lee’s big win at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics allowed him to talk about how people perceive sports. She explained that sport is not just about winning medals and winning titles, but more than that.

“Just the whole Elite mentality, it’s still just the Olympics and gymnastics. You never know what you’re gonna do after that. Lee said.

Lee decided to join the show because she believes in trying new things. Sticking only to gymnastics is not the goal of his life; in particular, she thinks that the whole atmosphere of elite sports is toxic.

“I don’t know. I feel like it’s so toxic”, she added.


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Elite gymnastics has been known to put too much pressure on its athletes and Lee has revealed the exact same thing. Earlier this year, legendary gymnast Simone Biles also left individual competitions due to mental health issues.


“Everyone expects a lot”: Suni Lee collapses as she opens up on her busy schedule

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