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EMORY, Va. – Addie Hahn was on stage Sunday at the Lincoln Theater in Marion, Va., representing the Appalachian Ballet Center as she danced gracefully to those carefully choreographed steps in the lead role of Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast “.

She was in beast mode five days earlier during a Hogoheegee District football game against the Rural Retirement Indians. She is a midfielder and team captain for Patrick Henry High School’s co-ed team, one of seven women playing on a team that faces opposition consisting of mostly all the guys and more than her own.

You learn pretty quickly that Addie Hahn is a multi-talented multitasking teenager.

She’s a homecoming queen who scrambles all over the volleyball court to produce points.

Hahn starred as Jojo in “Seussical the Musical” and was on a state championship volleyball team.

She sang in the choir, was a member of the color guard, was an active member of Christ the King Catholic Church and participated in gymnastics, as well as those ballet, soccer and volleyball engagements. -ball.

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She boasts a 3,962 GPA and also has a dazzling smile that lights up a room as soon as she walks in.

Hahn attacks those tough anatomy and physiology lessons like she does the volleyball net or an enemy dribbling a soccer ball.

Resting on his laurels or being content with his natural talent is not the MO of this senior Patrick Henry.

Mediocrity or mediocrity is nothing to settle in his mind, and it shows in his approach to any mission.

“I’m very competitive, I feel,” Hahn said. “If there is a challenge, I will push for it. I want to show everyone that I’m doing my best and try to show my young teammates the example that you have to work to get where you want to be.

On Thursday, she will don a cap and gown to receive her diploma, and Hahn can be assured that she left her mark on the school located on Hillman Highway in Washington County.

“She’s such an amazing young woman, and it’s amazing to watch her thrive and succeed in all of her endeavors,” said Lauren Stauffer, Hahn’s classmate and volleyball teammate. “She’s such a sweet girl, and Addie is truly one of a kind.”

Addie Hahn was a wide-eyed freshman, recently promoted from junior college and soaking up the scene at a gymnasium in Roanoke one day in November 2018 as Patrick Henry passed Riverheads to win the volleyball championship. Class 1 VHSL condition.

In an example of her strong will and determination, she made her way from backup to valued collaborator.

She went from mentee to mentor.

“I would definitely consider her the most improved player in her four years at PH,” said Patrick Henry’s volleyball coach Pam Ratliff Newberry.

She remembers the Region 1D final during her junior season as one of her greatest memories on the court.

Patrick Henry had lost to Eastside in the regular season, but got revenge by beating the Spartans on their home turf with Hahn picking up 14 digs.

“We had to go out there and give it our all,” Hahn said. “We couldn’t slow down. It was physically a challenge and mentally a challenge, and we overcame it.

She faces a challenge with every football game as she takes on bigger, stronger guys.

“It’s a different dynamic,” Hahn said. “You have to force yourself to stay with them, and their physical stature is different. It is very demanding.

Still, it’s a challenge Hahn doesn’t shy away from. She has one goal and two assists this season for the Rebels.

“It’s hard to ask in a mixed team that the girls play at the same level as the boys, when it’s usually a separate sport,” said Wyatt Wright, one of the guys on the football team. “But Addie hits that level of intensity and fills the role better than some of the guys there.”

However, opponents have learned not to calm down when confronted by Hahn.

“I never have to worry about her giving up on a job that I give her,” PH football coach Joell Bassett said. “She takes them head-on. She will face boys much taller than her and get the ball back. It’s funny to see the look on the boys’ faces after she challenges them. It’s a shocked look most of the time.

Although there is a desire to compete that burns deep within Hahn, make no mistake that she has fun playing sports.

When she was in eighth grade, Hahn provided a moment of levity that lives on in PH volleyball lore.

Newberry remembers this every time she takes out the cart carrying the volleyballs.

“The JV coach was leading a drill with the players on the opposite court, and I was coaching the varsity team on the other court,” Newberry said. “I look up and see Addie go get a ball, dive over the ball cart that was in the way, and it came rolling across my court on top of the ball cart. Addie was fine, and our cart still has a twisted leg. Addie could always make us laugh, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally.

As with everything, Hahn smiled with that thousand watt smile.

“Addie is someone you love to be with,” Newberry said. “She makes you feel good about yourself.”

It’s a trait evident in any Hahn activity, no matter how rigorous or pressured.

“If you’ve ever needed encouragement,” Wright said. “Just look at Addie. She always plays her best and is always that person to encourage you and help you keep going.

Addie Hahn was in the spotlight on Sunday, her last dance in her final ballet recital.

She has been involved in ballet since the age of 3 and Sunday was her 16th and final recital.

“Each year the seniors choose their own song and choreography to perform,” Hahn said. “It’s a moment to go on stage before saying goodbye. Another special part of this recital was the number of small children watching me. I walked onstage for my first dance and felt like I couldn’t let them down.

She has always loved being around young people, and that is why her career plan is to be a pediatric occupational therapist, and she will be majoring in health sciences at James Madison University.

“I worked with the Special Olympics program with the [Washington County] Community Scholars and my church,” Hahn said. “I really enjoyed working with those who needed an extra helping hand, and each year I went back I thought about what I wanted to do. I’m very social anyway.

A people person who will be missed as she leaves high school and heads down Interstate 81 to college in Harrisonburg.

“Beauty and the Beast” has been described as a story “familiar to most and loved by all”.

It’s also an apt description of Patrick Henry’s leading lady according to her peers, coaches, and teachers.

“If I had to sum up the last four years,” Hahn said. “I would say it’s been full of memories and adventures.”

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