How to Claim Ash’s Dragonite

Ash’s Dragonite can now be downloaded in Pokémon Sword and Shield using a new Mystery Gift code revealed in Japan.

Ash’s next team member is now available for free download in Pokémon Sword and Shield, as Dragonite can now be claimed as a Mystery Gift. The Pokémon Company offers Ash’s team in Pokémon Sword and Shield, to celebrate his successes in the World Coronation Series, where he currently faces some of the best coaches in the world. As of this writing, Ash is preparing to fight Cynthia from the Sinnoh region, who is one of the most powerful trainers in the series.


The Pokemon the anime usually involves Ash assembling a team from the region he is visiting, alongside his beloved Pikachu. In the new Pokemon Journeys anime season, Ash has a team of some of the best Pokemon from around the world. This includes powerful Gen 1 Pokémon including Dragonite, Gengar, and his Pikachu with his Gigantamax form. It really feels like Ash has a chance to finally become the best, like no one has ever been, thanks to a team that wouldn’t look out of place in real competition. Pokemon battle.

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The Pokémon Company has revealed the next serial code that can be used to acquire a member of Ash’s team in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The code was also revealed on the official website Serebii Twitter. This time it’s Ash’s Dragonite which can be downloaded in either game. The event distribution for Ash’s Dracovish has officially ended, so people who want this Pokemon will need to trade with another player.

How to Acquire Ash’s Dragonite in Pokémon Sword & Shield

The process for acquiring Ash’s Dragonite is the same as for acquiring Ash’s Dracovish in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. To download Ash’s Dragonite, the player must access the Mystery Gift menu in either Pokémon Sword Where Pokemon Shield, and navigate to the “Get with code/password” option. Once there, a text box will appear. The player must enter the code UM1N0KESH1N in the prompt. If entered correctly, the Dragonite will appear either in the player’s active party or in an empty space in their box.

Ash’s Dragonite is a level 80 Pokémon with the Inner Focus ability, which protects it from flinching. The Dragonite knows Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Draco Meteor, and Hurricane, and has a cheerful nature. Ash’s Dragonite can be downloaded right now, but players only have until September 6 to claim it. He will soon be joined by Ash’s Gengar in Pokémon Sword and Shieldwhich will be available on September 2.

Source: Serebii/Twitter

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