In loving memory, Chandler “Chancey” Tony Shakespeare Jr.



Chandler “Chancey” Tony Shakespeare, Jr. passed away on October 16, 2021 in San Francisco, California. Chancey was born on November 28, 1991 to Dawn Bitz-Gray and Chandler Shakespeare Sr. in Lander Wyoming. His Indian name is “the man who travels far”. Chancey is North Arapaho and Blackfeet. Chancey received her Indian name from Hugh “Popeye” Ridgley, due to her early visits to Primary Children’s Hospital for surgery. These trips marked the start of a fascinating life that Chancey was sure to accomplish.

At the age of 2, Chancey started dancing as a grass dancer and was selected as a “junior little chef” of the Rough Riders Society of the Blackfeet Nation.

Chancey attended Wyoming Indian Schools in Ethete, WY and Browning Public School in Browning, MT. He graduated from high school in 2010 from Wyoming Indian High. Chancey pursued his ambition to move his body and attended local Tae Kwon Do classes where he was awarded a brown belt. He was forced to take a break from this activity due to a hip injury. But that won’t stop his goals. Chancey continued to participate in all school activities such as UNITY. Chancey was involved in cross country at Wyoming Indian High School and was part of the chef’s team when they won the state championship.

In high school, Chancey took a trip with his family to Washington DC. It was during this trip that Chancey was able to discover the big city and learn about the civil rights movements, and visit the new museums that were created for the first time such as the Holocaust Museum and the Museum American Indians.

After high school, Chancey attended Casper College as part of the liberal arts program. It was this program that honed her dancing skills and appeared in Broadway-style productions including “Social Motion” and “South Pacific”. He took numerous courses to improve his style, many of which were based on the teachings of ballet.

While at Casper, Chancey was educated as a waiter for the Olive Garden. It was a very appreciated job for him because he liked being around people. He would continue to make it part of his career. He also worked as a waiter for the Wind River Casino in Red Willow and at various restaurants in San Francisco.

While Chancey was at Casper, he had an ambition to go further. He decided to change and move to the bigger city, looking for the first opportunity he had. The opportunity arose when he auditioned for the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” in Los Angeles. His good friend Taylor Makeshine accompanied him on the trip.

Most recently, while Chancey was in San Francisco, he was a part of the House of Rose and was crowned Royal Baby Girl 2020 at the Ducal Court of San Francisco on New Years Day. House of Rose’s mission is to provide love, support and a sense of belonging to LGBTQ youth who have been disenfranchised or denied by their own families. The Rose Family continues the tradition of the 60s and 70s ball and drag houses by encouraging and providing family structure and support to give queer and trans youth permission to be their best in the face of the challenge. oppression and disapproval.

You can see that Chancey’s vision was much bigger than the everyday life we ​​regularly experience, through her writings on Facebook and Instagram. These writings have been exhibited in a newspaper and on social media reflecting the worldviews of disadvantaged people, including missing and murdered Indians and the Black Lives Matter movement. In July of this year, you can see Chancey honoring George Floyd’s mural in San Francisco by recording a dance in front of the mural. His vision and understanding of this world problem was very deep and intelligent.

Chancey had many friends and family in San Francisco, Wyoming, and Montana. While Chancey will be sorely missed, he lived a lifetime on this earth, a month before 30 years old. If you know him and the mission he accomplished, he will expect him to live through each of us to perpetuate love and friendship for one another, regardless of who they are. . He would give you his last shelter or food to make sure you were okay. This is what Chancey was all about Eternal Love, and this is what we are meant to do on this earth. Well done Chancey.

Chancey is survived by her parents and siblings: Donavon, Elizabeth, Morgan, Sianna and Wyatt; his grandmother Roberta and his aunt Merissa, and grandfather William “Bill” Bitz.

Chancey’s family who preceded him to his father’s side are: grandfather Tony Shakespeare; Uncle Maurice “Bozo” Shakespeare, grandfather Frances Behan and cousin Jane Behan.

Maternal side which precedes it is passing: Grandmother Anna Bitz; aunt and uncle Pete and Rose Vandenberg; and stepfather Cody Running Wolf.

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