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Dragon age tradition often spoke of Orlais, but it is only Inquisition that players were finally able to tour the Empire and see how steeped in the Great Game its people are. After uncovering the Elder’s plot to assassinate Empress Celene – an act that would plunge Orlais into chaos – the Inquisition arranged a meeting with the Empress herself at a ball held at Halamshiral at the Winter Palace. Navigating the peace negotiations between Empress Célène and her cousin, Grand Duke Gaspard de Châlons, is not easy, as the approval of the whole court weighs heavily on the results available.

To complicate matters, the Empress’ former lover has his own plans which, if implemented, could affect Orlais in a way no one would ever see coming. Obtaining court approval through various acts and conversations is essential to success, but not all races of Thedas receive the same attentions and intrigues. For starters, “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” can be unlocked at the War Table for 30 power points.

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Enter the Palace

Upon his arrival, the Inquisitor has their first meeting with Grand Duke Gaspard de Châlons, who informs them that he believes Briala is planning to sabotage the negotiations. After this conversation, head inside, where guests stroll through the outdoor garden. There are opportunities to start getting court approval, which strongly influences the results available later in the quest.

A non-mage human noble starts with the highest approval (+40). Meanwhile, Human Mages, Elves, and Dwarves start with an instant -10, and Qunari starts at -15. Keep an eye on your court approval because, if it reaches zero, the Inquisition will be rejected, resulting in failure.

An easy +10 approval can be obtained by speaking to the nobleman who has lost her ring and offering to find it for her. Refusing the nets for a moment -5. Along with this side quest, there are several others around the ball, both inside and out, that can increase or decrease the approval of the pitch. After you’ve explored the outdoors and occupied any side activities, head to the gates and enter the lobby.

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Meeting with the Empress

Inside the lobby, there are a few other side quests, as well as conversations with Cullen and the team members before entering the ballroom for the introductions. At this point, the Inquisitor will cross the ground, with his group and his chosen advisers. Subsequently, the Inquisitor arrives alongside Duke Gaspard and his niece the Grand Duchess Florianne de Châlons to have their first meeting with the Empress. The answers here garner additional approval or disapproval from the court.

After meeting the Empress, Leliana will ask to speak to the Inquisitor. Mingle with the guests for various approval options and search for all side quest items in the ballroom before returning to the lobby to meet Leliana. She will mention a mage who charmed the Empress, and the Inquisitor will be able to point out Gaspard’s accusations concerning Briala. The two lead to further investigation in the guest wing. There is a timer between appearances in the ballroom, and missing the final bell before returning to the ball will signal disapproval.

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Follow the clues

Evil eyes and wicked hearts climbing the garden trellis

This section involves the acquisition of three elements. These can be obtained in any order, but as soon as the third is collected there will be a limited time to return to the ballroom, so move quickly. The doors to the Great Library in the vestibule are locked, so the Inquisitor will have to find another way to enter. Head to the Guest Wing, where there are various side quests to pursue, including a sweet spot that will reveal relevant information.

Next, head to the balcony where Duke Germain was encountered earlier and collect the cylinder seal needed to continue. Another Elven Servant can be listened to or spoken to directly if the Inquisitor is an Elf, to reveal that something is wrong with the Servant’s quarters.

Return to the Guest Wing and make your way to the Guest Gardens. Celene’s ladies-in-waiting approach to deliver a message from the Empress. After you mingle and listen, head over to the trellis, go up to the next area, and use a Halla statue to open the upper garden gate. There is a chest with loot and the “Negotiations” item needed for the main quest. Go back outside and turn left to enter the Great Library and pick up the “Letter” item. Once it is collected, the race to the ballroom begins.

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Explore the servant quarters and the grand apartments

Dragon Age Inquisition Morrigan in Orlais

Before returning to the ballroom, Celene’s court magical advisor, Morrigan, steps in to meet the Inquisitor. Speak with her, then head inside to mingle and take care of any side quests before heading off to investigate the Servant’s quarters and large apartments. Enter through the servant’s quarters door and take a moment to equip everyone’s weapons and armor before continuing, as there is a fight ahead. Investigate the area to find a corpse, then return to the fountain where the body of an emissary from the Council of Heralds is located.

Three Venatori agents descend on the party. Take them out and head north, then east to climb the stairs and enter the large apartments. Explore the apartments, if possible access the Empress Vault to find an Elven Medallion. Next, face off against all of the remaining Venatori and the Harlequin, who don’t want the Inquisitor to return to the ball. After taking them out, return to the balloon for a cutscene with Briala.

Exhibit the Grand Duchess

Dragon Age Inquisition Gaspard de Châlons and Florianne

Returning to the ballroom starts a dance with Florianne, during which the Inquisitor can gain court approval with witty responses. At the end of the dance, Florianne offers to explore the Royal Wing, which is the next point of exploration. The Trophy Room contains an item that can be used to blackmail Gaspard, so grab it and head to the Royal Wing.

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There are three blackmail points in the Royal Wing, one for Briala, Gaspard and Empress Celene. Explore the area to locate them, then head to the doors in front of the balcony to trigger Florianne’s trap. She reveals her affiliation with Corypheus before leaving the party to face an open Fade rift. Deal with the demons, then talk to the man over there. He can be convinced to testify against Gaspard and join the Inquisition.

Returning to the ballroom launches a cutscene exposing Florianne’s betrayal. If your judicial approval is high enough, Florianne can be confronted and detained without a fight. Otherwise, she’ll reveal her betrayal, possibly killing the Empress before leading the Inquisitor in pursuit of a final boss fight outside. Once she has been defeated, it is up to the Inquisitor to determine the fate of the Orlésian throne and to cement her decision with the revelation of any scandals uncovered during the search for clues.

Options include allowing Celene to continue ruling alone, fostering a reunion between Celene and Briala so they can rule together, Gaspard reigning alone, Gaspard and Briala reigning together, or exposing everyone’s scandal to force a public truce. Whatever the overall outcome, Orlais will be stabilized and able to aid the Inquisition in its efforts against Corypheus. Additionally, Morrigan will be sent to join the Inquisition as an advisor and will find himself in the courtyard of Skyhold.

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