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With Strictly With 2021 officially starting this Saturday (September 25), fans can’t wait to get to know a little more about this year’s contestants – including Tilly Ramsay, daughter of the celebrity chef and Kitchen nightmares leader.

Tilly trades TikTok dancing with her Gordon for ballroom dancing with new ones Strictly pro Nikita Kuzmin. According to Tilly, her father is a little upset about being replaced and recently asked him if he would still be his primary dance partner. Cute, eh?

At 19, Tilly is this year’s youngest contestant, and it looks like she’s ready to give it all. “I’m going to put my heart and soul into it and can’t wait to put on my dancing shoes and show my dad how it’s really done,” she said in her pre-show interview. .

She also commented on Instagram: “This will be my biggest challenge yet, but I can’t wait to put on my dance shoes and join the Strictly family.”

If you want to learn a little more about Tilly, read on to learn more about her social media, everyday life, and more.

Tilly Ramsay’s Instagram

Tilly is huge on all social media, including TikTok, where she has 9.6 million followers on her @tillyramsay account. The star regularly posts videos of her cooking, dancing with Daddy Gordon, and most recently, training with her partner Nikita for Strictly.

She’s also popular on Instagram (@tillyramsay) and has just under a million followers there!

The work of Tilly Ramsay

Tilly is obviously extremely popular on social media, which means that’s a big part of his job. However, she’s also a full-fledged chef, having hosted a cooking show on CBBC, Mathilde and the Ramsay group and, more recently, Celebrity Masterchef Australia. Tilly is believed to be attending college this year as well.

Does Tilly Ramsay have a boyfriend?

Tilly has dated Seth Mack, who has appeared in a few of his Instagram posts. However, it appears the couple have gone their separate ways, as there are no more pictures of him. And with Daddy Gordon warning Tilly not to date any of the dancers, it looks like she’s currently a free agent. Tilly has also previously been linked with Gino D’Acampo’s son Luciano, but nothing has been confirmed on that either.

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