Inverkeithing: New Movement Dance Company achieves great success at Scottish and World Championships

An INVERKEITHING dance school has worked its way to the top of the Scottish and World Championships.

New Movement Dance Company competed across Europe this summer, with girls from the team taking part in Scottish Championships, the Dance World Cup in San Sebastian and the World Lyrical Dance Competition in Dublin, as well as at the British Grand Pix in Silverstone .

It was a memorable summer for the dance company, which returns with multiple victories and even a few scholarships.

Stacey Anderson runs New Movement alongside fellow dance teacher Susan Thomson and told the Hurry“Our children, they travel the world doing something they love, we know where they are every night when they come home from school and they desperately want to go to training. They work like athletes, they work hard and train hard.

“They work for what they’re trying to achieve and what they achieve, and they’re just small, it’s so amazing. In fact, four of our senior girls were picked at the World Championships by one judges for a scholarship to a dance school in London.

“They take those opportunities from what they put in. They’ve had a lot going on lately and they’ve done so well.”

At the Dance World Cup, every group dance they performed ranked in the top 10 and had dancers ranked fifth and 14th in the world out of thousands of dancers, while at the Scottish Championships, they won 18 titles and had three winning teams.

At the World Championships they won 10 new titles and 14 operatic team winners and to top it off, four girls received unconditional places at the Millennium Performing Arts College in London.

Stacey continued: “We just train out of a council community center it’s not like the kids have 24/7 facilities to train in so to have done as well as ‘them, the training and being such a small competitive school, they’ve done super well.

“It’s been really hard for everyone since COVID, trying to get the kids back and getting them motivated and training again. We’ve had to do so much fundraising and everything to try to get them where we had to take them. When we went to the World Cup dance, it was thousands of pounds per child to get there.”

As a group, parents, children and their teachers raised funds to ensure they left no one behind. The girls aren’t just a team, they’re a family, and Stacey thinks that’s the key to their success.

She said: “It’s good because we only have a competitive squad of around 30 and it’s just one of those things where we wouldn’t go with just one or two even if we had it. we did in San Sebastián because that’s who qualified, but for the Worlds and the Scottish Championship, the whole school goes there. If everyone can’t go, we don’t go. .

“It really is a big family and I feel like that has a lot to do with all of the kids being successful. Every kid, from the youngest to the oldest, has this support network behind them and that really makes such a difference.”

The whole team stays and supports each other throughout the competitions, to make sure everyone has someone to cheer them on. The girls have won many titles and awards at the competitions, but the one Stacey is most proud of is the 2022 Team Spirit Award at the World Lyrical Dance competition.

“We actually won a trophy for team spirit, for supporting the kids and that was the most special thing we’ve won this full weekend. It reinforced everything we tried to do. ‘teach kids that it’s not just about winning, it’s about taking sides and being a team,’ she said.

“When you have kids all dancing against each other and their buddies are beating them up but they come running up to hug them in the middle of the stage, that’s what’s important, those friendships the kids have.”

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