Is Bruno Tonioli in a relationship? What we know about his personal life


Bruno Tonioli is one of the incredible dancers of Italy. He is popular for his choreography all over the world, especially in foreign countries. His followers and fans are very eager to hear about his relationship, is he even dating someone? Here we will talk about his career and relationship status. Bruno Tonioli is an Italian choreographer, dancer. He was born on November 25, 1955 in Ferrara, Italy. Bruno is a popular Latin dancer and television personality and has lived in London since 1975. Many bullied him as a child for his homophobia. He supports the LGBT + community because he believes that they also have the right to be happy in their life.

His popularity grew after being the judge on the British television dance competition Come dance strictly and also its American counterpart Dancing with the stars at ABC Television in the United States. Bruno has a large number of followers on his Instagram account. His fans love his dancing skills and his unbiased judgment on the show. He has worked with many artists and is very successful.

Bruno Tonioli- Italian choreographer, dancer

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Career and achievements:

Bruno Tonioli wanted to become a choreographer since his childhood and danced in several renowned European dance companies, notably the company of British dancer and choreographer Lindsey Kemp. He has worked as a choreographer for several shows, music videos for artists like Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Boy George, Duran Duran, and much more. In addition, he danced in the Elton John’s video for ‘I’m Still Standing’ (1983).

In November 2018, Bruno Tonioli presented the BBC Radio 2 series Bruno Tonioli at the Opera. On June 24, 2021, it was announced that Anton Du Béké would replace him as a permanent judge on Come dance strictly. He conquered the heart of America with his flexible dance moves.

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Rumors about Bruno Tonioli:

In December, Bruno Tonioli was spotted with British model Matt Law. According to media reports, they were spotted together on a romantic date at Hollywood restaurant Catch. But both have denied any romance. They also said they were just close friends and nothing more.

Bruno Tonioli’s relationships: is he dating anyone?

Bruno Tonioli is currently in a relationship with Jason Schanne. They started dating in 2010. The two are very deprived of their relationship. Jason has yet to disclose any information about himself. His companion Jason, was born on August 5, 1986. He is quite young compared to his love Bruno. Like his partner, Jason also supports the LGBT + community. Their two mentalities are identical. They make a good couple. Despite their huge age difference, there was no problem between them. In 2012, they engaged in a ceremony but not yet married. They love to keep their relationship private as they haven’t been seen out together. They stayed out of the spotlight.

Is Bruno Tonioli in a relationship

Bruno Tonioli with his partner Jason Schanne

Bruno Tonioli has been dating Jason Schanne for nearly ten years. Their relationship seems to be loving. Jason has his fans in the industry. His popularity grew after joining the famous choreographer Bruno Tonioli. He gained fans after his appearance with Bruno. Although he has kept away from the spotlight, his social media appearance and Bruno’s awards show has earned him his popularity.

Is Bruno Tonioli in a relationship

Bruno Tonioli with his romantic partner Jason Schanne in an awards ceremony

Bruno Tonioli said he gains self-confidence by taking risks in life. Both have millions of female fans around the world. Jason has a good physique. Their fans support them a lot as a couple. For them, being happy in life is the main thing. Bruno’s partner Jason is not as famous as him, but their relationship has been very sweet and easy. They look more like best friends than a couple and that’s the best part of a real relationship. Although they are very deprived of their lives, Bruno’s social media accounts tell his fans about his wonderful relationship with Jason.

His fans wish them good luck and support for their relationship to develop more serenely in the years to come. Wishes for their wedding !!

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