It’s all that ends almost redeems the movie


The Prince Charming ending of Netflix’s He’s All That almost saves a movie that opts for more style than substance.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for He’s All That, now streaming on Netflix.

by netflix He is all that focuses on Cam (Tanner Buchanan), a goofy but rebellious high school photographer from Los Angeles who heads up the remake of the 1999 romantic comedy classic, She is all that. He’s secretly transformed by Instagram influencer Padgett (Addison Rae), not realizing he’s part of a bet, much like Laney (Rachel Leigh Cook) was in the original. However, while most Netflix remakes fail, focusing more on social media than actual substance, he’s almost redeemed by the Prince Charming ending.

As is normal with such films, Padgett begins to fall for Cam, realizing that he is much more in love than she thought. But just as she begins to rethink her cosmetic ways, the friend she bet with, Alden, spills the beans on the makeover. Alden wanted to ruin Padgett and Cam’s shot at Homecoming crowns, hoping that she and Padgett’s ex Jordan could win the titles instead.

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This results in Cam severing ties with Padgett, who attends the dance alone. However, she has no interest in dancing with Jordan after winning, but instead gave an acceptance speech about self-love and forgetting the superficial aspects of adolescence. However, Cam did not show up, despite pressure from people around him who forgave Padgett. He stays at the stable where he has given Padge a few lessons in the past, but luckily his sister, Brin, convinces him to give the girl a second chance.

He then heads over to the dance on their favorite horse, and in a sweet moment he dismounts and requests a dance. Cam admits he was too stubborn and should have listened, especially since the horse doesn’t trust anyone to ride him, which means there is something special about Padge. Cam and Page dance for viewers before the film goes into the credits, where they tour Europe together and vlog as a happy couple. But outside of the newly formed relationship, what really makes this ending is Brin cheering on his brother. Her surge was not just about love for a daughter, but also for their mother, who had died in a plane crash years before.

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Cam became a father figure to her little sister too soon in her life after their father abandoned them to work internationally, and she admitted it took a spark from her. So, in a tearful display, Brie tells Cam that she wants him to stop hanging on and enjoy life again, which Padge brought to the table. Brin just wants to see his brother smile, and because photography as a passion didn’t do the trick on its own, she helped drive Cam and the horse down the freeway before he could take off. Of course, it was about uniting the lovers, but being happy helps heal the family while adding a tone of affection to a predictable reunion.

To see Cam and Padge reunite in He’s All That, the film is now streaming on Netflix.

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