“It’s your worst nightmare happening here”

Next season could be the Brooklyn Nets’ last hurray with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons. It could be their version of “The Last Dance” that will give the franchise its first NBA championship.

On “NBA on ESPN,” host Mike Greenberg praised Nets team owner Joe Tsai for calling out KD and Irving’s bluffs. He also pointed out that their inability to get what they wanted respectively might be their biggest motivating factor next season. Greenberg said:

“It’s your worst nightmare happening here. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons are each individually very driven. Durant because when you cut out all the other nonsense that comes with it, he’s one of the greatest players who has ever lived and yearns to be great.

He added:

“Kyrie Irving has every reason in the world to show up and play every day because he’ll never be paid close to what he really deserves or what his talent would suggest he’s worth if he doesn’t get out. not and does not play every day.”

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The drama surrounding the Brooklyn Nets continued after they were swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs.

Kyrie Irving wanted maximum extension and when he couldn’t get it, he tried to get out via the sign and trade option. “Uncle Drew” ultimately opted for the final year of his contract because the LA Lakers couldn’t pursue him and there were no other takers.

Kevin Durant stepped up the circus by demanding a trade at Barclays Center. A month later, he asked Joe Tsai to fire general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash. The team owner refused and even publicly supported the front office and technical staff.

Both will look to bounce back from the humiliating setback in the offseason.

Mike Greenberg added that Ben Simmons is a forgotten top talent in the NBA. The former Philadelphia 76ers guard could prove to be the Brooklyn Nets’ x-factor if he returns to All-Star play.

“Ben Simmons is a guy who I think has put himself in serious danger from around the world by forgetting he’s an All-NBA caliber player. Nobody talks about him like that anymore but that’s how he is. ‘it is good.

“They’re going to be motivated, they’re going to be together. I think the Nets are a legitimate contender for the championship as it currently stands.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons should trust Steve Nash

Steve Nash has been irrevocably placed in the hot seat amid the Brooklyn Nets hype. It’s safe to say that the team superstars and the head coach will have things to work on to be competitive next season.

If Nash fails to earn the trust of his Big 3 and Tsai publicly endorses the head coach, things could quickly turn sour for Brooklyn. A head coach who does not have control of the locker room will be ineffective, to say the least.

Kevin Durant has withdrawn his trade request after meeting with Joe Tsai, Sean Marks and Steve Nash yesterday. The Nets fire her. https://t.co/tqCmZt5Eju

That a superstar like Kevin Durant asked the team owner to fire the head coach is nothing new in the NBA. Sometimes it ends like Erik Spoelstra and LeBron James – with championship success. But it could also break a team.

The Brooklyn Nets still have a long way to go to challenge for the title next season. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will have to learn to play for Steve Nash if they are to achieve what Joe Tsai has called their “lofty aspirations”.

Ben Simmons, meanwhile, will need to get back to his best after recovering from back surgery.

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