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Caleb Johnson

From left: Hughie Stone Fish, Keith Habersberger and Alex Lewis, members of the comedy trio Lewberger, performed at the Egyptian Theater on October 7th. (Caleb Johnson | Northern Star)

Large crowds gathered on October 7 at the Egyptian Theater for a spectacular musical performance, “An Evening With: Lewberger.”

This comedic trio consists of Keith Habersberger, web show Try Guys, Alex Lewis and Hughie Stone Fish. They were first seen on “America’s Got Talent” and are currently popular on TikTok, where they have more than 200,000 followers and 7.6 million likes.


The show opened with enthusiastic applause. The audience was very engaged and many stood up to welcome Lewberger.

“They’re smart and funny, and it’s fun to watch them do that to music,” said Dixon resident Emily Clemens.

“I’m a huge Keith fan, I just want to watch everything he does,” Gilberts resident Madison Frugoli said. “I can’t wait to laugh out loud.”

While many people were very interested in the show, others were excited to see the group after seeing them on “America’s Got Talent.”

“I really love their content,” said Meli Frugoli, a Gilberts resident and Madison’s sister. “I love their songs, I’ve heard their songs before and watched them on ‘America’s Got Talent’, and I really wanted to see them in person.”

At first, the group jokingly mentioned how Habersberger is the most popular of the group due to his Try Guys fame. He really played that and said the other two members were just as important. They also briefly mentioned Habersberger’s social media trend, but he was quick to dismiss it as being for the wrong reasons, not wanting to elaborate.

Habersberger and Lewis also briefly shared a friendly kiss as part of a bit, which drove the crowd wild. Then, a few times during the show, the band called a few spectators onto the stage. Audience members then aided the group by participating in a musical sketch. The audience applauds loudly. Many skits and songs come from the band’s popular TikTok channel.

The trio left the stage several times and ran around interacting with the crowd. At one point everyone got up and danced awkwardly pretending to be a bird pretending to be a human.

Then they threw tortillas in the audience. I saw a few people eating the tortillas they grabbed. This heinous act of eating said tortilla was not approved by the band.

A few of the songs dealt with Judaism, as Stone Fish and Lewis are both Jewish. A few members of the crowd also proudly proclaimed their faith; at one point a girl jumped up and waved at the group.

Until the very end, the crowd continued to interact with the band. They were very vocal and jumped up and down to the beat of the music.


“Oh my god, that was so good. I’ve been the Try Guys since middle school and when I saw Keith come here and I saw Lewberger come here, I lost my mind,” Becca Katz said. , a freshman history student. “It was so cool, I had such a good time. It was so exhilarating.

Many audience members were very attached to the show and stayed after the show for the chance to talk with the band and purchase merchandise.

After the merchandise sale, there was an opportunity to meet and greet people who had purchased tickets. The crowd of around 25 got to meet and interact with Lewberger members in fun and engaging photos.

“I feel like I’m in a dream. And I might pass out soon. It was awesome and I absolutely loved it and my face hurts from smiling,” said Sycamore resident Angie Olsen.

Olsen then shared how much she was looking forward to this and she had a specific photo idea she wanted to do. During her photo shoot, she asked Habersberger to make her a fake proposal and she expressed how happy it made her. She also convinced the group to choose her next tattoo and she said she would get a naughty slug tattoo.

Overall, the evening seemed to be a success for the Egyptian Theatre. According to Jeanine Holcomb, director of marketing and communications at the theater, they use events like this to attract the local crowd and students. She worked with NIU on promotional materials to coincide with the homecoming, but NIU was not actively involved in running the event.

Holcomb then shared that they planned to bring Lewberger in for six months. She wanted to bring in someone who would be of interest to the area and the demographics of the college and she felt the group was a perfect fit.

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