Life after lockdown – tell us how your social life has changed for a chance to win a £250 Ticketmaster gift card

Two years ago, our lives changed beyond recognition when the country was suddenly plunged into lockdown. Socializing has been replaced by social distancing as we’ve all been ordered to stay home, and our main streets have been hit hard by business closures – some of which will never return.

Shops were closed, curtains fell on theaters and concert halls and restaurants and bars called in the last orders with no idea what to expect. Despite the pain the pandemic has caused – especially for those who have lost loved ones – everyday life as we knew it before Covid has more or less returned with most restrictions lifted.

Concert halls have once again seen crowds at capacity, restaurants and bars are once again a hub of activity, and shiver in a freezing park because it’s the only place you’re allowed to meet your friends is now a distant memory. But a lot has also changed in those two years.


And as we prepare to mark the milestone second anniversary of the lockdown, we want to hear from you about what your social life is like now. Are you more comfortable staying home these days, or are you making up for lost time by getting out more?

Are you splashing more cash on treats like takeout now that more restaurants are delivering to your door? Or have changed circumstances in the wake of the pandemic left you with less money to spend on luxuries like eating indoors or out?

Take our life after lockdown survey and you’ll have the chance to win a £250 Ticketmaster gift card. Whether you can’t wait to be back in the front row for your favorite band or want to book something to look forward to in the future when you feel more comfortable in a crowd, the winner can spend their voucher on the tickets of their choice.

For a chance to win, complete our survey below.

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