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Credit calculator

Credit calculator

Nearly every homebuyer must co-finance at least part of the investment costs through a loan transaction. Real estate loans are different from personal loans, microloans or commercial loans. The main differentiator is that the refinancing is secured by a mortgage or real estate bond. Almost all real estate loans are now secured by mortgages. A lien is at first glance like a lien.

Both are entered in the cadastre as collateral for the lender. The land charge is not earmarked, but abstracted. The mortgage is always coupled to a concrete claim. The mortgage is much more mobile and therefore the first address for mortgages.

You can calculate this with our loan calculator.

You can calculate this with our loan calculator.

The loan calculator will help you. With the loan calculator you can calculate the monthly financing rate for your construction loan and the remaining debt at the end of the debit period. Find out how the monthly installment and remaining indebtedness change when you record repayments at different levels or when you plan unscheduled repayments and principal changes in real estate financing. With the Loan Calculator you can present a repayment plan for the duration of the agreed time or until the complete repayment of the construction loan.

Our loan calculator tells you what amounts are needed to calculate the loan installment, and what approximate financing costs you incur in financing your home. The initial value for determining the credit rate is the payment date, the loan amount and the debit interest. The loan amount is the amount you need from the house bank to finance real estate.

The debit interest relates to the purely net loan amount, ie it is the interest to be paid to the house bank for accepting the home savings loan. If a fixed interest rate is fixed, then the interest is the same in this period. The amount of the monthly repayment installment with which you pay for the financing of the property depends on the repayment amount.

In the loan calculator, you can enter the repayment either as a percentage or directly in USD. Do you want to know what the monthly rate is when you pay off the total amount of the loan during the debit period? Then you enter the debit interest liability in Mon. Then the monthly rate and the repayment percentage are calculated.

If you want to have a repayment installment at different rates with the house bank during the financing phase, you can track the effects on the term of the loans with our loan calculator. You can now specify the date from which the new repayment is to be made. The debit interest commitment specifies the time horizon over which the house bank guarantees you a certain interest.

You can pay them in installments either monthly or quarterly to the bank. You can view the change in the repayment plan for rising or falling interest income after the debit interest commitment by entering an increased or decreased debit interest rate under “Calculated interest according to debit interest obligation”. Our credit calculator gives you the monthly installment and the remaining debt at the end of the debit position by clicking on “Calculate”.

You can also use the loan calculator as a repayment calculator. The loan calculator also serves as the basis for determining a repayment plan. A repayment plan is created that goes beyond the fixed interest rate and determines the cost of the follow-up financing until the full repayment of the construction loan. Below the result of the loan calculator, you can press on one of the two options the total of all partial payments, the total sum of the received interest payments and the special repayment contained therein.

This means that two-thirds of all debtors – on the same terms as you – have received this interest from the bank. Follow-up financing is required after expiry of the regular interest rate commitment. If you click on the second option “General overview and repayment plan until full repayment” in the repayment calculator, the repayment calculator will show you how the monthly installment changes if you completely repay the loan volume – during the repayment.

In addition, you can see at a glance the repayment amount and the debt remaining until the end of the debit position. At the end of the month, the date of the monthly loan repayment is shown. The repayment amount of your real estate financing results from the installment amount. The interest component indicates the sum of the expenses incurred due to purely interest-related real estate financing.

In the repayment part you can see how much you pay off the net loan amount. The remaining debt indicates how much you still have to repay to the house bank. At the monthly rate, the Consumer Protection Agency recommends spending a maximum of 40% of the net monthly income on the property. The repayment is all the greater, the greater the repayment, the faster you are indebted.

The repayment amount influences the term and the sum of your mortgage. Learn how to save interest with optimized repayment.

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