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If enough money is left to live in a condominium or house, the lenders have set a third minimum amount. Our equity calculator will help you. The utility calculator determines the most important additional costs when buying a house or apartment. In financial planning, these should be considered in advance – our utility calculator helps. The real estate loan: Which documents does the bank need?

Calculate additional costs when buying a house or apartment

Calculate additional costs when buying a house or apartment

A notarization is required for the purchase process. The notary fees are about 1 per thousand of the purchase price. When commissioning the notary with other services in the context of the purchase of a house or apartment, the price is increased accordingly. The notarial purchase agreement on purchase of a house is predetermined by the legislator.

In most cases, the acquirer bears the entire notary’s fee. The cadastral offices (mostly district courts) are responsible for the cadastre. The land register entry costs about 0.5% of the purchase price. When real estate acquisition also incurs additional costs at the tax office: When buying a real estate or a real estate acquisition tax is levied. Depending on the country, this amounts to 3.5 to 6.5 percentage points of the purchase price for the purchase of a property, a residential building or a condominium.

Especially with expensive equipment, it can therefore certainly expect to ask a lawyer in advance for the legal fees incurred. If a broker has marketed a property, a house or a holiday apartment, he gets a fee, brokerage or agency commission. It depends on the sum of the purchase price. There are no uniform rules on how much a broker can charge for mediation.

However, the commission is a matter of negotiation between the customer and the middleman.

Prospective buyers should, therefore, in each case enter the sum of the brokerage commissions in writing prior to commissioning a broker or delineate them upwards. The one who buys the house or the property from the owner, can do without: The introduced in 2015 for the lease of condominiums buyer principle does not apply to the purchase of a house or a condominium.

When selling the property, the landlord can continue to pay the brokerage commission from the purchaser of the property, even if he has commissioned the broker himself. For example, in the cities of Germany, France, Germany, France, Germany, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Switzerland, the agency commission is usually paid by the acquirer alone. For the other countries, as a rule, providers and customers participate in the expenses for the agency commission.

For the buyer, the range is between 3.5 and a good 7 percentage points of the purchase price plus VAT. When taking out a loan to buy a home, you may incur additional expenses in addition to repayment installments and interest payments. The deposit rates will be charged by the financing credit institutions if the loan volume is not utilized within a certain period of time.

Long-term mortgage lenders

Long-term mortgage lenders

Long-term mortgage lenders also use valuation fees or estimation costs to estimate the mortgage lending value of real estate. However, several tribunals have found this practice illegal. There is a sample letter in the Consumer Centers (fees paid before 2013 are time-barred): It is not mandatory, but it is advisable to prepare an expert opinion on the value of the property before buying a house or apartment.

Because, whether the demanded real estate price is reasonable or whether there are hidden mistakes, laymen can hardly estimate as a rule. The expert report may be commissioned by a freelance expert, usually a builder or technician. The remuneration should be based on the fee structure for architects and engineers (HOAI). Depending on the object value and the difficulty of the appraisal, the client must take into account about 0.5 to 1 per mil of the object value for the appraisal.

This also increases the acquisition-related costs when buying a house.

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