Local governments release fingerprints of COVID-19 cases

Taipei, Jan. 22 (CNA) Local government health departments on Saturday released several places visited by people confirmed to have COVID-19, and urged anyone who has been to those places who has developed symptoms to get tested.

In Taipei, confirmed cases visited Ching Lung Pharmacy in Neihu District on Chenggong Road Section 4 on January 16-17 and January 20; Dahu Park on January 16, Costco Neihu Store on January 17, Buddhist Compassion Relief Foundation Vaccination Station Tzu Chi on January 18, 7-11 Jinlong Branch on Jinlong Road on January 19, and Dr Du ENT Clinic on January 20, according to Taipei. Department of Health.

Also in northern Taiwan, Taoyuan City, confirmed cases visited Dasi Ballroom Dance World, Suen Dong Bao Steak House on Luzhu District’s Zhongxiao East Road, POYA Store on Luzhu District’s Nanzhu Road from Luzhu, Nankan Traditional Market, Nankan Dorcas Church, First Commercial Bank Dayuan Branch, TaiMall Shopping Complex and Carrefour Market Nanzhu Store between Jan. 5 and Jan. 19, according to the city government.

In Hsinchu County, confirmed cases visited Ho Chia Huan Chicken Restaurant in Hengshan Township on Jan. 16, according to the county’s public health bureau.

In Changhua County, central Taiwan, confirmed cases visited 7-11 Kung Hu Branch of Cao Section 2 of Erxi Road in Fangyuan Township and CPC Gas Station on January 14. Corporation on Section 2 of Yanhai Road in Xianxi Township, according to the county public health bureau.

Meanwhile, in Tainan, southern Taiwan, a confirmed case visited an empty house belonging to his family in Nanhua District and outside a long-term care center on January 18. in Danei District, according to the city’s public health bureau.

Also in Tainan, another case went to the Shan Jan banquet restaurant and sat at a table with 11 people on January 16.

(By Chen Yi-hsuan, Yeh Chen, Lu Kang-chun, Wu Che-hao, Chang Jung-hsiang and William Yen)

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