‘Marry Me’: 8 movies to watch before you see Jennifer Lopez say ‘yes’ to rom-coms again

These days, every JLo fan has something to be excited about. After going public with her relationship with ex-boyfriend and Deep Water alum Ben Affleck, Lopez is enthusiastically embarking on her professional endeavors. Although JLo’s is known for being a powerhouse on stage, she has been quite selective in her film career. The trailer for his new romantic comedy romance debuted at the CinemaCon event on August 27, 2021.

“Marry Me” is the upcoming romance romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson and singer Maluma. Music superstars Kat Valdez (Lopez) and Bastian (Maluma) get married in front of a global audience of fans. But the singer’s glamorous lifestyle comes crashing down when she learns her boyfriend has been unfaithful to her. A tabloid informs her that it is her assistant with whom her boyfriend was cheating on her. Onstage, the singer sees a man named Charlie (Owen Wilson) standing in the crowd of fans holding a banner with a “marry me” sign. And on the spot, she decided to say yes and marry him. If this plot interests you, some of the other films in Lopez’s filmography should be on your must-see list. We will help you with a list.


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“The Wedding Planner”

“The Wedding Planner” (IMDb)

“The Wedding Planner” revolves around Mary Fiore (Lopez) who is saved from a near-fatal accident by handsome Steve Edison. The film is a harrowing but hilarious demonstration of how Mary plans to handle the marriage arrangement of the man she has feelings for. The movie is completely predictable and everyone makes questionable decisions and doesn’t follow their hearts until the last minute, but that’s the rom-com way. The Adam Shankman-directed film starred Matthew McConaughey as Steve.

‘Made in Manhattan’

“Maid in Manhattan” (Netflix)

‘Main in Manhattan’ is the cheesy story of a sizzling politician who has feelings for the sexiest hotel maid ever in a New York Cinderella story. Yes there is a contusion of identity, and the title is a pun that makes little sense, but once dressed the maid is very beautiful and glamorous and the politician thinks she is an unknown socialite . The 2002 romantic comedy directed by Wayne Wang stars Ralph Fiennes as the senatorial candidate who gets carried away by Lopez’s charms.

‘Are we going to dance?’

“Shall We Dance” (IMDb)

‘Are we going to dance?’ falls into the category where the power of dance brings humans together, and you have to ground it on some level. The 2004 film revolves around a dance teacher/relationship fixer of your dreams. You have the dream combination of Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere. The romantic comedy sees a bored and overworked real estate lawyer (Gere) fall in love at first sight and sign up for ballroom dancing lessons.

‘Jersey Girl’

‘Jersey Girl’ (CineMaterial)

“Jersey Girl” revolves around Liv Tyler as the film’s main star, and JLo’s role is pretty small. While the film is a good romance romantic comedy, it’s most often overlooked. Besides, we can see George Carlin in it, so there you go!

‘Monster in Law’

‘Monster-in-Law’ (Photo by Zade Rosenthal/New Line Cinema.)

The movie deserves some credit for its campy ridiculousness and the truth that it stars Jane Fonda as an incredible, wicked newscaster determined to make life miserable for her son’s fiancé played by Jennifer Lopez. And Wanda Sykes as a sarcastic assistant. What’s not to like? Oh! watch out for the catfight.

‘The backup plan’

“The Backup Plan” (Wikipedia)

Jennifer Lopez in “The Back-up Plan” is more appealing than ever, but the film smothers its star with unrelated characters and a predictable plot. The story revolves around a woman who conceives twins through artificial insemination, only to meet the man of her dreams.

What to expect when you are pregnant

“What to Expect When You’re Pregnant” (Netflix)

In “What to Expect When You’re Pregnant,” five couples agree to have a baby for the first time. The Atlanta couple are all about sharing and dealing with all the joys and sorrows of having a baby. Couples realize that parenthood requires more than they ever imagined. The movie has a huge star cast with names like Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crawford, Brooklyn Decker, Ben Falcone, Anna Kendrick, Matthew Morrison, Dennis Quaid, Chris Rock, and Rodrigo Santoro. Diaz, Banks and Kendrick are the women who become pregnant, while Lopez plays a woman who has exhausted all avenues of fertility and decides, along with her husband (Santoro), to adopt an Ethiopian child.


‘Gigli’ (IMDb)

The film revolves around Gigli (Ben Affleck), who is ordered to kidnap the younger brother of a federal prosecutor and fails to deliver. Gigli’s boss hires Ricki (Jennifer Lopez) for helping him with the kidnapping. There’s not much to say about Jennifer Lopez’s Gigli as it barely meets the standards of a romantic romantic comedy. Some people have also touted it as one of the worst movies of all time. Nonetheless, Gigli is worth watching just to check if he really is as bad as everyone says.

‘Marry Me’ will be in cinemas from Friday, February 11, 2022.

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