Mega line-up of summer dance events in Dundee

A series of mega dance events are coming to Dundee in July.

Organizers of “Music Is The Answer Summer Days” say the weekend at Fat Sams will be “the biggest and best lineup yet.”

The two-night event starting Saturday July 2 features an exclusive six-hour set from John OO Fleming as part of his world tour. It’s his only night in Scotland.

John will be joined by Robert Clark in the White Room with Lexicon Avenue, Brent Lawson and the residents of MitA taking charge of the cocktail bar.

On Sunday, July 3, Global Underground will bring together 3 powerhouses of the progressive scene and numerous releases from the GU City series between them.

The event takes place at Fat Sam’s the first weekend in July.

Darren Emerson, Danny Howells and Dave Seaman, also known as 3D, will headline the main hall with an exclusive extended set.

Joining 3D will be Robert Clark on warm-up duties, and Steve Parry will end the weekend in style.

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A spokesperson for the event said: “Selected legends of the Scottish scene will host different venues throughout the complex.

“In one room we will have Steven McCreery and Alan Dobson, plus our Manchester pal Higgins, plus the residents of MitA, while Billy Morris, Mike McDonald and Derek Mccusker host the other.

The two-day event has an impressive line-up.
The two-day event has an impressive line-up.

“We might also have a few other surprises up our sleeve.

“Now it’s a range that we think.”

– More information and tickets can be found on the event’s Facebook page here.

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