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Two of Tommy Weidler’s football team Nedrose’s biggest receivers will enter the 2021-22 winter basketball season ready to see a similar increase in their respective roles on the pitch.

“They will be the heart and soul of our team”, Cardinals men’s basketball head coach Matt Norby spoke about senior Joe Roberts and junior Mitch Heinert.

Roberts and Heinert, wideout and tight end respectively in the fall, both produced seasons of over 190 yards on the grill for a Cardinals team that signed their second consecutive winning season and secured a playoff berth after a 5-3 campaign.

After five senior graduates a year ago, Norby expects more of the same and then a bit of the duo on the hardwood as Nedrose aims for a return to the Region 6 tournament in three. barely months.

The Cardinals completely missed the regionals last year after falling in the first round of the tournament in 2020. Norby’s squad recently concluded an 8-12 campaign with a regional qualifying loss at the hands of a Bottineau Braves side who would advance to the regional title. Game. He and his players are not happy with their finishes over the past two seasons.

“We just saw a few things happen at the end of the year”, Norby called back. “We had one of our guys tear his ACL the week before it hurt us a bit. I think we failed. We expected more from ourselves, but we will do better this year.

Marshall Vallie’s ripped ACL dealt a blow to Nedrose’s playoff hopes as the former senior was one of the Cardinals’ top shooters with a field success rate of over 30%. The team’s “next player” mentality was put to the test after Vallie’s injury, but Nedrose was unable to defeat the Braves with a ticket to the regional in-game.

With the senior quintet from the start, Norby’s squad have the opportunity to rewrite their identity, and the head coach is optimistic about their chances of returning to Region 6 dancing.

“I think that’s a pretty realistic goal for us”, he said. “It’s probably one of the most talented teams I’ve had. It all depends on how far we want to go, a little self-motivation for this team. They have to push each other a bit.

The Cardinals have focused on improving their performance on the defensive end of the field, with an emphasis on their defense on the ball and the assists side.

The team are hoping that the extra boost will complement the team’s solid foundation in attack and in the rebound game. Heinert’s imposing 6’4 ″ frame was instrumental in leading the team on the glass last season, when he caught 67 rebounds in 19 games.

“Using the athleticism that we have with these kids to translate into a good defense against the ball will be the most important thing. “ Heinert said.

Nedrose’s close bond off the pitch will also bear fruit for his performance in the game, Norby hopes, as the coach was keen to describe the team’s approach as that of a family.

“This group is very close, they do things on and off the ground together”, He continued. “I think they need to motivate themselves a little bit, I think that’s going to be one of our things that we’re trying to find, that wants to push themselves to be the best they can be.”

Behind a somewhat unpredictable nature to start the season, Roberts added, the Cardinals believe they have the pieces in place to take another step forward in a competitive Region 6, starting with their first game of the season on December 13. at the Velva Invitational.

“A lot of these guys haven’t played college minutes last year, so I mean the other teams won’t really know what they’re up against until we play a few games. “ said Roberts. “I think it’s going to be a little difficult to predict what we’ll do in the first two games.”

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