MHS and Legacy groups take first division standings for zone round in El Paso


The Midland High and Legacy High Marching bands will be in El Paso on Saturday, competing in the College Interschool League Marching Band Competition at the Sun Bowl.

The groups qualified for the zonal tour after receiving Division I scores in the UIL regional competition, held in Odessa. There will be 13 groups that will attempt to qualify for the state, which will be held at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

“We are delighted that our high school groups have visited the area this year,” said ISD Midland Superintendent Angelica Ramsey. “This is not only a testament to the hard work of the staff and students in our group, but also of the parents and community members who donate their time and effort to make our groups the greatest successes. they are year after year. ”

Another first division ranking for the Mighty Rebel Band

Legacy High School group principal Steven Dojahn said it was a “tremendous achievement” for groups to reach the region level. He said this was the Mighty Rebel Band’s 54th consecutive Premier League ranking with a bang.

“Sometimes we forget what it took to win a Premier League at UIL region level,” Dojahn said. “I am extremely proud of our students for going through the procedures, staying healthy, learning quite a competitive marching band performance from UIL, and for coming to the area.”

Dojahn added that more than half of the Legacy group is made up of freshmen and sophomores and he said he hopes the group’s membership will surpass 250 in the next few years.

“This year, we’ve teamed up with new music arrangers and show designers,” Dojahn said. “Fanfare shows have evolved over the years to include more dance moves, visuals and variety. We worked closely with these people to create something on the pitch that has never been done before – something that students can be proud of and enjoy playing and something that audience members appreciate and applaud. We plan to work with these people for the foreseeable future. Great things are in store for the Mighty Rebel Band.

Dojahn said that being successful in a group is all about creating lifelong music enthusiasts and giving students a group they feel accepted and appreciated.

“Yes, trophies and awards are cool, but they are fleeting and accumulate dust when placed in a trophy cabinet,” Dojahn said. “As a director, I feel the greatest success when a student decides to pursue music in college or university.”

Going over goals at Midland High

Midland High rose to the challenge of coming back from a COVID year and answered many questions that were still present when the group members started in July.

“Despite these question marks, we decided to approach this year as a normal school year and we immediately got back to running our group program at full speed,” said Brian Collins, Principal of Midland High. Band. “Doing this involved a lot of risk and a lot of confidence in our system, but the risk paid off with a successful season.

“Throughout the changes and disruptions caused by the pandemic, we have decided as an organization to seize the challenges of COVID as an opportunity to try new things and consider how we might do things differently. This mindset has led to impactful changes and innovations in our approach which has led to an increased measure of success this year. “

Collins said teamwork is important because students, staff, parents, administration and the community all need to work together and support each other.

“Beyond that, a lot of logistics and planning,” Collins said. “Every marching band is different, and this group of students have been unique in their willingness to try new marching and movement techniques to help us stay on top of the rapidly evolving competitive marching band activity. Our students have embraced the changes we made this year.

Collins added that the group’s management pushed the group members to their limits in terms of performance, equipment logistics and rehearsal efficiency.

“And our students, parents and staff rose to the challenge,” Collins said. “Our main goal this year was to put on a marching band show that we would all be proud of, and we have met and even exceeded that goal.”

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